Nietzsche, Heidegger


I´ll have to study these philosophers this semester at college.

Just wondering why so many people were influenced by them. Heidegger was a nazi!

I have to study them with a view to fine arts.

I´m so sad that contemporary art has left the search for Beauty in the past...

Does any of you have something actually good to talk about them?

I never studied Heidegger, but I've read/studied a lot of Nietzsche. He was/is very interesting and insightful. He was not perfect, though. He was very sexist.

-David Jacobs

about nietzsche??? he was nuts....a great thinker

but most def nuts

He was very sexist.
Very correct.
Given that he was unpopular with the ladies, and the only woman he had sex with gave him the syphilis that killed him, it's not surprising.

Aside from his misogyny, I think he's got a great cranky sense of humor.

Oh, no...

I need some hope to get me thru this nightmare of a semester of long discussions with crazy artists...

What should I read to counter their arguments?

I still didn´t learn to remain silent in class.

you should read viktor frankl. He came up with a therapy called logotherapy. He was a psychotherapist that was sent to auschwitz where his entire family was wiped out. He survived 3 years until the war ended. then he re wrote his philosphy again and included what he learned in the camps. i highly suggest that you read a book called "man's search for meaning". He has been a very influental author on my life.

"Ultimately, man should not ask what the meaning of his life is, but rather must recognize that it is he who is asked. In a word, each man is questioned by life; and he can only answer to life by answering for his own life; to life he can only respond by being responsible."
Man's Search for Meaning, p.172

Thanks, Joshua.

I need to find out the title in Portuguese, though. I`ll look at the library.

Kirkenguard always interested me more then Nietzsche.

yours in Christ



I´ve just read the introduction pages at, and, oh, well, that´s heavy reading. Concentration camps is not exactly what I´m looking for - although I´m sure it is worth reading it.

I need to know what is Art, what is a piece of art, what is an artist, and to define them without esthetics. No Heggel allowed.

Humpf. I thought I would improve my painting skills at University.

hrmmm well them my good friend, I am afriad I cannot help with that type of stuff. =). If I think of something I will be sure to let you know.

Nietzche is correct

"What should I read to counter their arguments?"

Point out to them that Heidegger was a fucking Nazi.

Donna, Neitchze was born at the wrong time for his thoughts.

Back then people dismissed him as a nut. But he always said "The world is not ready for my ideas, the future generations will find wisdom in my words".

Only in the late 20th century have scholars realized the philosphical implications Nietchze's thoughts have on our society and way of thinking.

I suggest that instead of simply looking for ways to argue and counter Neitchze's thinking, you actually listen to it with an open mind. He just might be on to something there.

Neitchze was indeed a nut...a great thinker no

ecce homo is a great showing of this

Dismissing Heidegger on account that he was a nazi is as wrong headed as it is anti-philosophical. I have never studied Heidegger in any great depth, but I do know that he married a Jewish woman, so perhaps he was forced into his party membership.

When people talk about Sakharov, the first thing out of someone's mouth shouldn't be, "he was a COMMIE!", but, "he was a great scientist".

Heidegger was most definitely be a Nazi.

And I only propose using ad hominems because his writing is that bad.

Hi Donna...

I agree that his writing is bad, and more over his philosophy is kind of off, but I don't think his books should be burned because he was a nazi.

Thank you Grove! That is what I`m looking for! :-))

Actually, me and half of the students in my department can´t stand with the line the teachers follow about art, that is entirely conceptual, and the making is put on a secondary level. They don´t give value to virtuosity in doing things, but they do to people who have a good speach to explain their bad works...

Sherm, I´m going to look for Kirkenguard.

Elgringo, everyone I know that likes Neitchze is kind of a selfish nut negativist. So I don´t have reasons to even try reading it.