Nigel McGuinness signs with TNA instead of WWE

Apparently WWE took a while with the contract and Dixie Carter swung in and pulled the rug out from under WWE and signed him first.

Supposedly, Vince and the WWE are fucking pissed and are in full attack mode against TNA as they consider this the last straw.

TNA has posted flyers up at WWE events and done other things but up until this point have simply been ignored for the most part by WWE.

Apparently Vince wants to go into full attack mode on them.

Personally, I like the ballsy move by dixie. I think with the right push, Nigel will be huge and I think TNA will use him alot better than WWE would have.

apparently he is going to debut this thursday on TNA and they are pushing him real quick as he's gonna be fueding with Kurt Angle right off the bat.

What do you guys think of this ?????

sorry guys, I didn't see the other bad.

maybe he's related to
Winston Wolf from PULP FICTION