Nightlife at Whistler Mountain

Guys, just looking for some quick advice. What are some must go to bars/clubs in the Whistler Blackcomb village area?

Myself and a few buddies from Chicago are heading to the area to ski/board from wed-mon. We are late 20's and early 30's. What places and night also provides the most amount of quality women as to avoid a sausage fest, as much as that is possible in a ski town? My internets search has pointed to Buffalo Bills, Longhorn, Savage Beagle, Maxx Fish, Tommy Africas ect... Any advice where to find a lot of quality tail is appreciated.



Savage Beagle was not bad. Phone Post 3.0

Not night club but there is a sushi place there that is in the town center but upstairs. F'ing amazing! Are there during the 2010 Olympics and it is still the best sushi I've ever eaten. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks, I'll check em out.

There is a simple rule in Whistler if you want to have a great time at night (I have been there over 30 times).

Go to wherever the locals night is.

So, Monday at Tommy Africa's, Tuesday at Maxx Fish, Wednesday at Buffalo Bills, Thursday at Gatfinkle's, Friday and Saturday pretty much everywhere is good. For Cougars and Stagettes go to Buffalo Bills. For a younger crowd hit Garfs or Tommy's. Sunday's Tommy Africa's and Moe Joes are good.

For apr├Ęs ski go to either the Long Horn patio or the GLC. The girls who work at the Long Horn are all super nice and if you befriend them they will tell you the best place to party on any given night. Phone Post 3.0