Nightmares Are Cool

In nightmares, I've seen a tornado from about 10 feet away, an ocean wave over 300 feet high & navigated a back yard full of giant snakes. I've driven a car thousands of feet into the night sky, robbed a gas station in space, then crashed through a plate glass window in my elementary school cafeteria. I felt my thousands of cuts fade away in the form of a pleasant tingle as I awakened.
I once pulled my left arm off with my right hand & proceeded to pummel a church full of strangers with it, laughing like a lunatic all the while. I can't tell you how many times I awakened to the relief that I wasn't actually going to prison for what I'd just done in a nightmare.
I'd RATHER have a nightmare than a "good" dream & I doubt I'm the only one.
Nightmares are cool.

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Adonis RNA - 

Pfft, try night terrors nigga. 


They're awesome unless you hear someone else telling you about them.

One time I tried to kick someone in my dream and kicked my own wall.