Nightwing to appear on Arrow?


Screen Rant suppose that there’s always been a question whether the DC cinematic universe of the Nolan Batman trilogy and Man of Steel and the TV U consisting of Arrow and the forthcoming The Flash are one and the same.

They believe now the question can be put to rest based on an interesting casting rumor, which is about Nightwing once again. Adam Driver might play him in Batman vs. Superman, and now it appears Dick Grayson may be making an appearance on The CW’s Arrow as well.

The Vampire Diaries star Steven R. McQueen has been stoking the flames with teasing tweets that suggest he has already met with Arrow producers about taking on a superhero role, and he makes no qualms about which one he thinks/hopes it’ll be:


paw comments: Note the logo on the shirt.

This Nightwing fan approves this choice (and he would be a great choice for Superman/Batman)

Is there any word on if they plan on carrying over the Arrow cast & Oliver Queen background into the future Justice League movie? I really hope they do, can't handle another re-boot. Phone Post

I've never watched anything that guy has been in but if you wear a Nightwing tanktop whilst working out you've got my instant seal of approval. Which counts for nothing. Phone Post 3.0

According to imdb, he's on The Vampire Diaries for the last 4 years as Jeremy Gilbert


*and now we'll all pretend that we don't watch The Vampire Diaries*

arrow really seems to be doing everything right, i am interested in how they will include nightwing.

my guess is they use the League angle, i was really worried about how they were gonna take some things this season but they have blew me away by doing everything right. they have done a great job of picking what to change and leave in from the comics to fit their universe.