Nik Lentz vs. Eiji Mitsuoka

 What say you? UFC 150

Lentz - 27 - 5'8" - 68.0" - American Top Team - 2 losses - 196 days (2.98 strikes, 3.4 TD, 2.01 subs)

Mitsuoka - 36 - 5'7" - 68.0" - Freelance - 1 loss - 167 days (100 TDD) 

I'm surprised Lentz is a HUGE favourite. I mean, I think he'll win and all, but I would have thought the fact he's lost his last 2 would have evened the odds out a bit.

Maybe I'm just bitter because I was expecting Lentz to have real solid betting value lol.

Anyway my prediction is Lentz UD. There'll be bits of stereotypical Lentz LnP, but there'll be bits of entertaining toe to toe action, which Lentz does more than LnP, but is unfortunately less known for.


Can't see Edgey takin' this one.

Lentz easily imo