Nike drops Pacquiao line in favor of Jon Jones lin

 So part of Jon Jones Nike sponsorship is that he gets his own clothing line.  While I have no problem with this, I have no idea why Nike would cancel their Pacquiao line because of this.  I liked a lot of their Pacquiao stuff.

Source? If this is from the Dana White post-fight media scrum, you may have misinterpreted. Yes, the Pacquiao line has been dropped, but the addition of the Jon Jones line was not the cause of Nike dropping Pac.

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Because PAC loss recently? Phone Post

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Why would them stopping Pac stuff because of Bones? If they actually did, it probably would either be only in America or hes signing with a new sponsor. Phone Post

It has nothing to do with Jon Jones or mma for that matter. Manny has been having problems with Nike for a bit because of his stances on LBGT and abortion and that was before he "lost" to Bradley. Phone Post

Who would drop pacquiao...One of the greatest Combat fighters ever.

For a no name like Jon Jones?

 Actually Pacquiao will be signing a big contract with Jordan as well...

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it's true, sales were so dismal for Pac that they completely sold out of his $200 "Boxing Trainer" Shoe...,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-624654



If Nike were to drop Manny.. it would be because of his stance on gay issues.

This is how they keep people in line.

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Barry_BondsMVP -  Actually Pacquiao will be signing a big contract with Jordan as well...


"Hooking up with Nike has given Pacquiao's career a boost, as his line is big success with his ever-growing fanbase, and adding Jordan's name anywhere near Pacman's will be a double threat that would surely boost sales of Pacquiao endorsed merchandise even more.

Fans in Pacquiao's home country of the Philippines already compare him to Jordan, according to Antony Gordan, president of Creative Talent & Advisory Group, the company heading the talks about switching Pacman over to the Jordan Brand from Nike.

"...the infatuation of sports fans in the Philippines and surrounding areas in Asia with basketball finally hit a 'marketing tipping point' when the local media began branding Pacquiao as the so-called 'Michael Jordan of boxing,'" Gordan said."

they're going to try and blow him up even more under Jordan Brand, hardly "cancelling his line"...

Pacquiao is one of the greatest athletes ever, period.

He deserves all the fame and money that comes his way.