Nike Hoop Summit

I went to the Nike Hoop Summit here in Portland Saturday.

Ten of the top high school players in the US against eleven of the top international player under 19.

Demar DeRozan has CRAZY athleticism! He almost took his teeth out on the rim on one dunk and had an amazing block.

Greg Monroe(6'10") and Drew Gordon(6'9") were impressive. The international team had two guys over seven foot.(7'1" & 7'3")

The 7'3" guy was the worst player there, but the 7'1" could move well and had a decent shot. He'll get drafted in the first round this year.

Serge Ibaka from Congo looked like he could play in the NBA right now and might declare for the draft this year. Seemed more patient(composed) than everybody else and has good footwork.

I heard a lot about Tyreke Evans, Jrue Holiday and Al-Farouq Aminu before the game and they all played well but have a ways to go before the NBA.

Evans and Holiday are undersized two guards that I don't think could run the point in college right now.

Aminu has to hit the weights.

You'll probably never see Torgrim Sommerfeldt play, but that guy can shoot the ball really really really good.

I really wanted to see Brandon Jennings, but he wasn't there.

The two point guards that were there, Jerime Anderson and Malcolm Lee, played great defense and along with Jrue Holiday and Drew Gordon should keep UCLA great next year even without Kevin Love.

Oh... and Zygimantas Janavicius is the worst flopper I've ever seen. He flops when he's bringing the ball up. He flops when he attacks the basket. He flops when he blocks out. Made me sick to watch.

Demar DeRozan(they spell his name wrong in the video)

Tyreke Evans

lol, i was thinking about calling and asking if you wanted to go to that

Alexis Ajinca(the 7'1" guy)

nice hl's vids