Niko Price vs. Michel Pereira

Did he just kick him in the head when he back flipped into him?


He landed on Nikos face…how is that that not a strike to grounded rofl.


That’s a first on the Octagon. Toe in the eye?

Looked like he almost stomped him.

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Let’s go Niko!

It’s at least the second occasion:

No replay?? Suspect.

RD 1: 10-9, Pereira.
RD 2: 10-9, Pereira.

20-18, Pereira.

Damn even a gassed pereira is faster then Niko. Niko is fucking tough as hell though

Wild and sloppy. But entertaining.

This ref is horrendous


Why didn’t they show the backflip into Niko’s guard???

How convenient. A tired man does something that gets himself a break… And nothing happens to him lol

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Someone needs to teach niko how to cut off the cage and not just follow.

Commentary sucks tonight, Joe has lost his mojo


lol. Such a letdown for that fight. They need to rematch in Bellator.

Is this the bigger cage again? I much preferred the smaller cage.

good scrap

See how jabs work! Should have been throwing them all fight.