Niko Price vs. Michel Pereira

It is. I think the only small cage they use is the apex now

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RD 1: 10-9, Pereira.
RD 2: 10-9, Pereira.
RD 3: 10-9, Price.

29-28, Pereira.

Good fight.

28-28 draw.

Dickhead Michele spent the whole last round running. Didn’t land anything. Got a lot landed on him.

Should’ve been a draw with the stomp.

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I would’ve been fine with a draw

WHAT?! what fight were the judges watching?

being mounted for a few minutes and almost having your arm ripped off isnt a good look

Should’ve been a draw.

Niko deserved a 10-8 for that last round.

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Niko reminds me of retarded preteen Frank Dux in blood sport.


Good fight but weird decision. I’m not disappointed but it’s strange for sure.

Yeah. They always say 10-8s are in play now. But they rarely give them. A fight like that where price came storming back and dominated him the last 6 minutes… Perfect place to put one of them nearly mythical 10-8s.

Well? What was it? Road tripping

100 percent

Michele won fight on points. But got dominated in the last round.

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The head contact on the flip should have been a lost point right?. 2 rounds to 1 but I guess it maybe should have been a draw. Has the ref never seen him fight? Every time he does that I’m worried he’ll kick the head. Oh well.

Edit: did I forget how to score tho?

Unpopular opinion: that fight was disappointing. I’m sure there was much more skill there than I noticed, but overall it was underwhelming. Pereira needs to work on his cardio or move up a weight class.

Last round should have been a 10-7 round.

The nut shot should have cost a point, and it should be a 10-8 to start with.