Ninja Gaiden sigma PS3

Got this game in from gamefly seems to be a great game. Its crazy hard and ive died 200 times. Does anyone think its worth buying.


My favorite game of the last generation was Ninja Gaiden Black, which is what Sigma is based on. So deep (in terms of the combat engine) it's mind-boggling. God of War may have a better story and cooler "events" in game, but the combat, the actual gameplay and enemy AI in NG is leagues better. You can button-mash in GoW - that strategy will get you roasted in NG.

You can spend 20 hours just finishing the game once, plus 10 hours for the arena, plus another 10-15 for each difficulty level you try (and yes, the difficulty levels are very different, we're talking increased cooperateive enemy AI, different monsters, etc., not just bad guys with 10x the hit points). So yeah, it's worth your money, assuming you have enough self-control not to hurl your controller into a wall when you get stomped repeatedly :-P

If you get stuck anywhere or have a boss you just can't kill, go to this website and watch how the experts handle dey bidness:

Also, this article is kinda funny:

 If you have the patience for it, it is a great game. It is hard as shit though at least to me and I got bored of getting my ass handed to me.

I bought it, its actually the only PS3 game I bought and have gotten rid of. Devil May Cry 4 is better IMO. I had already beaten it for Xbox so nothing new for me.

 ^^^ I realize opinions vary and all that, but you are the first human being I have ever heard say such a thing :-P

I was rather surprised that DMC4 got as much bad press as it did - people admitted it was beautiful, but the repetition of entire levels really hacked off reviewers....

Good game. Not as hard as some people think.

A similar game is Company of Heroes multiplayer. Obviously that is a RTS and NG is a hack 'n slash, but the appeal is the same - you have to keep finding new tactics to defeat your opponents. Obviously CoH is much more in depth, however, NG is as close as console gamers can get.

Apples and Oranges "Neverbackdown"
....more like Apples and Cheesburgers.

I dont see how you can compare the two. Both games are great, but awful comparison.

As I said, the style is different, but the appeal is the same.