Ninja Rua

Anyone know Pride's contract with Ninja, and if he is available. I think he would be great in the UFC.

Chuteboxers are bred to fight in Pride.

You fight for chute boxe or BTT you almost have a free pass to pride.

Which is why I dont understand pele and anderson and others leaving chute boxe, when they are closing doors.

I dont know how good ufc rules will be for ninja, he loves the stomps and knee's on the ground.

Ninja will likely be in the Grand Prix, right Ninja. I think he could give people some fits as long as he doesn't run into the gnp specialist.

Ninja signed a exclusive deal with PRIDE and he is as good as you can get.

Im not sure if he is or not, there was talking of shogun moving to heavyweight but i hpe chute boxe does not make him go up.

I actually could see vanderlei in the heavyweight grand prix to against kondo, since its open weight.

Im really not sure what will happen though.

vanderlei should not go into GP.
it should be all legit heavies

Well vanderlei wants to move up to heavyweight regardless.

He has been up to almost 220.

"He has been up to almost 220."

Yeah, but many LHW walk around and even fight at 220+. Wanderlei can probably hang with the real HWs but he wont shine like he does at LHW...

how can a guy that looks like that fight like that? he is not physically imposing nor does he look particularly athletic. however, he never gets tired and fights like hell. amazing.

Ninja is an exciting fighter, win or lose I am always impressed with his efforts and his style of fighting. He is somebody that I would pay to watch fight.

Ninja is one of my favorite fighters right up there with Minotauro