Ninja/Shogun seminar in Atlanta!!

Hey Guys,

In the very final stages of the Ninja/Shogun East Coast USA seminar tour we are trying to set up a seminar in Atlanta, GA at Velocity academy.

Since we are still deciding the best things to do, due to some conflict of dates, I decided to check here if there is interest of those on the area of GA to attend the MMA seminar by both RUA brothers!

Please, let me know some feedback if you are from the area, so both we and Velocity can decide things ASAP. Thanks a lot and all the feedback is welcome.

Eduardo Alonso.

The hottest chicks in atlanta train at velocity!

Thanks Frank! You certainly helped a lot!

Please, keep this near the top so some of the people from the area can see it and respond :-)



TTT for me getting some training with these guys!!!1

You won't regret, it's a great seminar :-)



When and how much? I am sure I could muster up a few HardCore Gym guys to make the trip to train with my friends in Atlanta.

How is their english? What are some things they like to cover in seminars. Give me the 411.

Hey Rory!!

Send a hug to Forrest!

Anyway, their English is limited, Ninja is now starting to at least communicate, BUT I'm part of the team for the seminar, doing the translations for everything and working as an assistant also, helping to show the moves and techniques when people has questions, and jumping to translate all the time Ninja or Mauricio needs it. We, me and Ninja, have been doing this for a good while in Europe and the experience has been great, as we know each other well, know the seminar in detail and end up working as a team and making things better for everybody. Those that had attented the seminar know what I'm talking about.

If you would like, you can check that page and see some pictures of a seminar we did in Oslo in October, it can give you a notion of how's like:

There is also a web page from Denmark that has a report on a seminar we gave in Copenhagen, I'll look for it and let you know.

As for what the seminar covers, it's an MMA seminar with a sincere approach to it.
It starts standing up, as fights starts standing up, and from stand up techniques for MMA, we move to clinching, knee strikes from all sorts and grips, takedown defenses and takedowns, and then naturally to the ground work, where we go to positions from Standing with the opponent butt scooting, from inside the guard, half guard, side mount, and all kinds of positions you may imagine.
The most important thing is that Ninja emphasizes on what he believes, involves a lot of striking on the ground techiques, shows a bit of the Chute Boxe mindset and what they believe, and does not hide stuff, he shows what he think that works and show's his details for it. Plenty of subs and reversals as well, as most people don't realize but he is a good ground player (As is Shogun).

Also, when the academy has good pads we show some Chute Boxe drills for knees and such, so you get a feeling on how they train and have some fun.
Besides that, they are always more than willing to answer questions of any kind and we are there to make friends and teach in the best possible way :-)

As for the date, we are currently negotiating with two cities (cause it's a complex operation to make ourselves available in the date Velocity needs), and if it happens it'll be on Saturday January 22nd. I'll likely know for sure tomorrow (sunday) if it's taking place or not.

As for the Price, this is up to the Velocity crew :-)

If you still have any questions, PLEASE let me know. I hope you could get a notion of how the seminar is like, and please check that link when you can!

Congrats on the recent success!

Eduardo Alonso.

hey eduardo,how about something in the new york area?can you shoot me an e mail w/ some details?

Good news is that we got the date set, Saturday Jan 22nd!
Now is just a matter of finishing details witht he Velocity crew :-)


I'll be emailing you in a couple of minutes :-)



The Tn guys are in if you can get it going. Casey

eduardo-I sure would like those autographs if you can get them for me.

Is there Enlish good enough to be teaching a seminar?

I mean that in a nice way.Not trying to be smart ass.

Hey Eduardo.. hope all is well.

Shoot me an email at, maybe we can get the guys up to Montreal.



Please check the post I made on this thread, answering Rory Singer's question, I explain everything about the English there :-)

Hey Alex,

We need to get back in touch! We would love to come to Montreal one day, however we need a Visa for that. As of now we all have the USA visa, and we still need to apply for the Canadian one, which we plan to do after we come back :-)

Good news that we are ON for January 22nd, at the Velocity academy in Atlanta :-)

Hope to see all of you there!

Eduardo Alonso.