Ninja&Shogun WashingtonDC Seminar!

Hey folks,

Here's the info regarding the Murilo Ninja Rua and Mauricio Shogun Rua MMA seminar in Arlington, Virginia. It's 3 miles away from Washington DC, so everybody on the area can attend!! As I said in million other threads, I'm biased but the seminar is truly good and we want to meet you all there!

Here's the info:

Place: Lloyd Irvin Martial Arts Academy

Date: Sunday, January 23rd Time: From 12 to 4pm

Address: 3801 Wilson Blvd #300, Arlington, Virginia. 22203

Phones: 866-907-5425 or 703-807-0342, speak with Jeff, Chau or Doug.


Prices: $60 Pre-Registration (from Jan3rd to Jan18th). Day of the seminar, $75.

Other cities confirmed Include Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Winter Heaven (near Orlando) in Florida.

Please understand that prices of the seminar can change from city to city, as some academies have more space, and some has less, and costs of traveling and lodging change from city to city. I'll post the info about the other seminars soon!

I can post ANY info needed or answer ANY questions about the seminar here! PLEASE ask anything you want as Ninja and Shogun want to make this the best possible experience for everybody, and we hope to see all of you in the seminar :-)

Eduardo Alonso. (