Ninja Tittie Twister Of Death!

Taken From teh d33dly Ninja Ashida Kim's Board.

All these years, and I could have knockedout countless ex girlfriends with this technique. I am ashamed.


The points and uses are meaningless except as how they may be used to HEAL or as a map of the body.
You say there is no "stop the heart with one punch" technique? You are wrong. I had a Judoka hit me on Lung One with a 45 degree Shuto as I was exhaling while standing in a Horse Stance. The impact was like a dull thud, didn't really hurt, but was solid. I immediately felt like I had to cough. But, being a stupid brown belt who had volunteered for this demonstration, I didn't want to let the guy know he had hurt me, so I just stood there as stiff as I could and watched the expression on his face turn from calm to worried. Finally, after about five seconds, I couldn't hold it any longer and I had to cough. Wasn't big, wasn't heavy, wasn't deep, just a little hack. He immediately looked relieved and said , "Whew!" Then he told me that by striking on that side of the pectoral muscle while a person was exhaling, it was possible to "drive the blood back into his heart" and stop it from beating. If I hadn't coughed when I did, he would have hit me with an upward blow to the solar plexus to restart it or I would surely die. The little cough meant my heart had skipped a beat, but was okay. To kill you just hit with a little more force. I saw him knock another guy out by pinching his nipple. So, just because YOU ain't seen it don't mean it don't exist!