Ninja Training good for MMA?

Look I realize that ninjutsu is not the best discipline for MMA, but is there any merit at all in the type of acrobatic training that you see the guys doing for shows like ninja warrior? like these


No Phone Post



Real ninja training is never seen.


 I think Pat Smith vs Scott Morris answered this @ UFC 2

i dont know but it must work in WWE. theres one bloke who always sez "you cant see me, you cant see mee"


Yes Phone Post

Crazy daring adventures build up F.E.A.R training. Aka ninja training makes it to your not one of those 0-1 "MMA fighters" who were scared to get into cage..

Plus, shot is fuckin awesome Phone Post


I do believe Bonnar called Pettis' kick "A crazy ninja kick off the cage", so I would say yes... it does work. Once.

as long as u can disappear in smoke and reappear with a "from behind" attack ..i say its good