Ninja vs. Sergei Kharitonov: Wow!

This could be the fight of the night and I'm excited about all the matches. I've only seen the Russian fight twice but he's impressive and 7-0 in MMA. These are perhaps the two most agressive fighters in the tourney and this fight alone should be worth the price of the whole event. Only 15 days to go. Thoughts on this matchup?

Wow! Should be great. Sergei looked great against the LA Giant (impressive takedowns, leg kicks while Giant was butt scooting were very hard anf fast and impressive finish.)

Where did you hear about this matchup? I think this should be a VERY good fight.


i think it is a good match between two guys whove got something to prove in the HW division.

should make for an interesting fight.

ninja by late KO

YVESJOCKSTRAP - First, you are a class act, my friend. Taking the name after the "RealJoke" bashed you unjustifiably and moreover, given the fact that everyone felt the fight was a draw, showed a lot of integrity. Now to your comments:

I read it in another thread here "PRide brackets shaping up". I think its confirmed but not 100% sure. A 220 pound undefeated Russian fighter who trains with Fedor versus one of the most entertaining guys out there, Ninja, should be fascinating to see..

This is probably one of the most intresting matches, same with coleman and fedor.

Ninja and sergei are both between heavyweight and LHW. I usually cheer for ninja however I been hyping sergei up as a real threat to win the tournament, I dont think his stand up is that good but his ground game is comparable to fedor. Even when fedor was on the RTT, they claimed sergei was the best sambo guy on the team.

Saku i read is actually picking sergei to win the entire gp.

Ninja - good comments. Sak actually picked Sergei - that's very interesting. I'm kind of in the same boat as you, a huge Ninja fan but I've been telling everyone about Sergei. One factor that's huge in this sport is experience and Ninja has fought more top fighters. Based on what I've seen thus far, I'm agreeing with Fabes and picking Ninja by late KO. Can't wait for this !

Wow, that's good info!!

Excellent match-up, definitely one of the best on the card.


Thanks again for the compliments!

I think Sakuraba meant that Sergei had the "potential" to beat the big three (Cro Cop, Minotauro and Fedor) rather than predicitng he would win.

I think that for true MMA fans this should be a highly anticipated matchup. It isn't a fight like Ortiz/Liddel that is built up by its own drama and rivalry. This is a MMA fight between two very skilled fighters which is what I like to see.


great fight, i cant bet against Ninja.

I think this will be an exciting matchup. I can't pick a winner. I like both and think that either has the skills to beat the other. Sergei is supposedly very game on the ground.

I think this match will be great but Ninja has a lot to prove and i think his relentless assault will wear down and get the better of Sergei


Hell, I would pay the $29.95 for this one fight alone!

Thsi fight is going to be awesome. I think Sergei is a beast and will finish Ninja on the ground.

ninja will get beat in the first round.

Sergei by malicious beatdown.

I`ll go with Khartinov in that one. Although he is less experienced in Pride rules i think he has the right style to beat Rua. Rua at 220 will be interesting to see because he had no room for much weight on his frame without being fat like he was not long ago.

I actually will probably bet against ninja in this one. I think this will be khartinov breakout in the grand prix.