Ninja Warrior

Right now on G4 TV ( channel 354 on directv) Ninja Warrior, kind of a japanese version of American Gladiator is on.
Pretty awesome stunt courses, only reason I posted it here is because Genki Sudo Just competed for the first round. You can still catch it. Its pretty damn entertaining :P

greatest show ever...

"greatest show ever..."

I second this

Damn, let us know if Genki wins it.

i love this show. even olympic gymnasts paul and morgan hamm washed out of this event. if those guys can't hang, you know it's tough.

Genki couldn't pass the first level.....was done in by the trampoline!


haha that show cracks me up. There are some pretty weird people on that.

The guys who do well on the show train specifically fior it. I don't think any mma fighter could get past the 3rd stage without some real specific training.

that bunpei shiratomi guy is a freakin stud. i bet he could whoop some ass if he stopped playing on the monkey bars and started doing some fight training.

nagano whatsisface is a badass as well.

the guys i like so far.....dont know their names...

the fisherman, the ga station manager and the trampolinist!!

lol did you guys see the guy who had a sex change??

Gotta love the guys who build the courses in their homes...


i saw Kikuta on the other day, he fell off the rolling log.

Nagano (the fisherman) won, becoming only the second guy ever to do so.

I always root for the gas station guy.

I also like the fireman guy as well.....I saw when Nagano won his first one after coming so close before... 

I watch this stuff all the time. Japan has some crazy shit.

great show

They had a guy run that ran the course in a thong. Fell off of the log.

The first stage looks like it is a lot of fun. I know I wouldn't finish it, but I would have a blast trying.

The stage with the curtain hang, and the one where they hang off a small ledge as they scale across the wall is insane. The strength in the upper body and hands has to be amazing. I think it is the second stage. The guys aren't timed on the stage with those two obstacles.

second stage is timed. third stage isn't timed.

Yeah, I just wish the US version had a little more coherence, like Ep 2 linerally following Ep 1. I haven't seen anyone compete past stage 3, and have only see like 2 or 3 pass stage 3.

Oh, and MXC is great for commic relief.

Someone posted a video of Keira Gracie doing the first stage. I think it was a few days ago.

How did she do?