Nino Schembri dvd ?

Does anyone have a review of his dvd? I looked all over the place for reviews on nino's omoplata and side control dvd and I couldn't find anything other than the description of it on the websites that sell it. Any info would be appreciated...thank you

where can you buy it is probably the most popular site that has the dvd. has it for sale also.

you can also get it at

They have some great material on them. He shows a real progression to his movements so it isn't just a collection of moves.

I've watched the Omaplata section in it's entirety and part of the Side control escapes. Nice stuff.

Interesting...maybe i'll give it a shot, but i don't know if the hundred bucks is worth it. So many DVDs available out there right now it's hard to choose one, and I don't want to be a compulsive instructional buyer and get them all, lol. anyway thanks for the info

I would go straight to the source, Gerson produced it. Pick it up at

I have tons of reviews archived on our website forum.

There is a nino shembri dvd review

just got to and go to the fight forum under Video Reviews.


thanks jasculs, that's what I was looking for. And for the hand sign, who knows what the hell that means