Nino Schembri's DVD

Does anyone have a review of Nino's DVD from Dogs of War?

I don't have time to do a review, so here's a summary: It's decent but not great. There are about 30 moves on it divided betw. oma plata, side mount escapes, and side mount subs.

The oma plata section looks good, but the other two aren't as good and have a number of techniques that are mildly lame. I'll try to explain what I mean later if I can get a little free time.

There has been a couple of reviews done on this site... But here is my opinion... If you want to learn different set ups and entries into the oma plata - S. Kestling's tape is very good! If you want to learn different moves and finishes after you are there... Nino's is very good! Nino's dvd also covers escapes and attacks from side control. But I own both and would recommend both to anyone wanting to improve their oma plata.

DogsofWar's review of the Nino DVD is objective and on the mark. Nino doesn't cover a bunch of setups and defenses, but if you know the basics of how to do an omoplata, his follow-ups and finishes to use against a resisting opponent are great.

The section on side control escapes has good descriptions of some basic escapes, but I'm not really that into some of the crazier stuff like the Mr. Schembri or the keylock from the bottom. I'm also not a big fan of the section on attacks from the top.

If you're really flexible you'll like this set. I have long skinny beanpole flexible legs and a lot of these moves work pretty good for me.

Props to DogsofWar for an objective review. I hope to get both one of these days.