Nintendo DS Question

I was just wondering if there is a built in calander and planner in this thing. If not, is there a 'game' or what ever that is coming out that is one?

My gf is considering getting one if they can also act as a PDA of sorts.

I don't think they have anything like that yet, but I am also strongly hoping they make one. It seems like a natural addition.

I carry my Gameboy everyday. I'd love to have an excuse to bring it to meetings, too.

Exactly. I'm going to get one regardless, but it would be a nice bonus. I think it'd be cool if my gf got one as well, but this seems to be the only way she'd pick one up.

"... of course, that'll be towards the end of product roll-out, so the scheduling could be tight. Let me check my calendar here..."


"Yeah, I think I can work in a-"

"Did your PDA just say, 'Let's a go'?"

"Um, yes. It did."

Wahoo! bounce

"What kind of Palm is that?"

"It's... ah... Japanese. Big company in the handheld market for a long time now."

for those who care, here is the info i got back from an email @ the DS Customer Service:

'Although the Nintendo DS keeps track of your birthday, it does not have the organizer function you
asked about built in, However, the Organizer Plus has been announced, and while no details have
been supplied to us about it yet, it may have the functions you are looking for. Once we have details
about it, we will be sure to post the information to, so check back periodically.'

Summitsoft is making the apparent PDA software :D