Nintendo Switch - Menu and UI leaks early

Someone got their hands on the system and did god's work.

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I really want this. But the launch titles remind me of the WiiU. System looks cool and everything and this gimmick might actually be useful, but there aren't many games. Like the WiiU launch. 

But shit, do I want one of these mother fuckers. 

Waste of money but i bought it for Zelda anyways.

Money ain't shit!


Akron OG - Waste of money but i bought it for Zelda anyways.

Money ain't shit!

I'd totally buy it just for Zelda. But I have a WiiU also. So I could just buy it for that. I need an excuse to buy this bitch. 

And Nintendo has already taken the switch back and found out who stole it.

ABCTT_BullyKiller -
Akron OG - Waste of money but i bought it for Zelda anyways.

Money ain't shit!

I'd totally buy it just for Zelda. But I have a WiiU also. So I could just buy it for that. I need an excuse to buy this bitch. 

If you have a wii U you could get by just playing Zelda and waiting until later to get the Switch.  The launch isn't that impressive if you have a Wii U to play Zelda, but I think its actually a better idea that Nintendo is more consistantly releasing their first party games this first year.  The Wii U had REALLY long stretches where there were no games coming out for it and since it had no third party support, that was really weird. 

Nintendo has Zelda and 1-2 switch a launch, Mario Kart in April, Arms at some point in the spring, Splatoon 2 this summer and a new Mario64 style Mario game coming out for the holidays.  They have quite a bit of third party ports and indie games coming out all throughout the first year as well.  By the end of 2017 they are going to have a really impressive line up out barring any major delays and I feel like Holiday 2017 could be really huge for them. Not a bad strategy for their first party release schedule in my opinion and I think they have learned form their past mistakes. 

Plus, any games released up against Zelda at launch are just going to have their sales canabalized by Zelda anyway.  Nindendo would probably be fucking stupid to have other major first party releases available at launch. 

I'm personally getting the switch at launch and have Zelda and binding of isaac pre-ordered.  I will be getting snipperclips when it comes out(hopefully at launch) and I have puyo puyo tetris pre-ordered for when it comes out in may.  I'm strangely excited for puyo puyo tetris.

I got my new Game Informer yesterday and they had an overview of the Switch, the new Zelda, and a bunch of the announced games.

Do want

How's it's virtual console? :D

BiggGunn - How's it's virtual console? :D

LOL, I've never understood their VC decisions.  They have hundreds of beloved games they could put on there for 5 bucks a pop, but they only put them out a few at a time and never even get that impressive of a library going.  Its so odd.  Hopefully they let your nintendo account purchases carry over once they actually get the VC up and running, but I'm not going to hold my breath on that one. 

The main reason I've never bought more than a couple games off of their VC on past systems was because they are so dumb with how they do it and keep making you buy them over and over again.

BiggGunn - How's it's virtual console? :D
Not available at launch

^^ I think that's the joke, haha.

on the plust side it looks like shovel knight and fast rmx are now launch titles.

^Yup between those and Zelda, I should be pretty set for the first month. After that I'll move over to PC in April to play Mass Effect:Andromeda and Yooka Laylee. Then end of April , I'll 'switch' back to the switch to play Mario Kart 8 (another game I missed out on on Wii U)

Overall, I think there was a lot to be desired from this launch and there are legitamate criticisms about the number of launch titles and quality of the messaging by nintendo among other things. I agree with those that view this as more of a "soft launch" to have a built in userbase before the holidays, after which they will probably be more competitive with price cuts/new games. Also I think they wanted to cut ties with the anchor of the Wii U as soon as possible.

All that being said I've got one preordered for a few reasons.

-I want Zelda, but I don't have a Wii U

-I have $300+ in sunk costs in the form of Trade in Credit at Gamestop to cover the price

-I want Zelda , lol.(and I'm a big fan of many 1st party Nintedo games/series)

-I'm considering this a replacement for my 3DS and a console all roled into one. I don't have high hopes for lots of third party titles from the major american publishers . But if the switch can keep a strong release schedule of first party games, bring in the Japanese 3rd party companies like the 3DS/DS did and round it out with quality indies, then that'll be good enough for me.


^^ Hell yea man, I fell the same way about having a 3DS and console in one.  How sweet will it be to be able to play console quality games on your TV and then continue your progress anywhere?  So sweet.

I'm hoping for a Monster Hunter game in the future. 

If you didn't play Mario Kart on Wii U you're in for a treat.  Best Mario kart ever with the renewed Battle mode.

I think the Holiday are going to be huge for the switch.

Snipperclips is a launch title now. WOOHOO

First Reivew is out for BOTW from Edge magazine a 10/10 (which is great score from them since they have a reputation for being stingy/stringent with their review scores. Although they've rated zelda very well in the past)

For those interested in Indie games, there was a Nintendo Direct "Nindies" presentation today(linked above) featuring indie games coming out this year on the switch. I think this is a good move nintendo, given the paucity of 3rd party AAA games this year, nintendo is going to need indies to do some of the lifting between their big 1st party exclusive games. While many of these games are also going to other platforms, the timed exclusives, and emphasis on portability of the switch matching well with many indie games may help.

Fortunately, for me at least, there were a lot of interesting games that I'm going to keep an eye on. Including, Steamworld Dig 2, Wargroove, Runner 3, Blaster Master 0(coming out enxt week) and Shakedown hawaii.