Nish vs Chuck

I would not count Nish out of this at all. I think his style of standup could possible pick Chuck apart. I'd love to see this fight.

Nishijima is not prepared to deal with the thumb

I think while the boxing would be interesting, we would see little of it. huck would take him down and g&p. Hunt perhaps does not know how to do this, but Chuck certainly does.

When was the last time Chuck took somebody down? I'm not saying he didn't, I just can't remember when.

He hasn't taken anyone down because he has been a better striker/worse grappler than most of his opponents. Why would he try and take Randleman, Couture, Babalu, Tito, or Bustamante down? But with Nishijima, who is a better striker than Chuck... Chack would be smart to go for the takedown