Nissen Osterneck

I have heard that Nissen is being trained by Jay Dennis of Georgetown,SC. He's an awesome athlete and with the guidance of Dennis he will be an unbeatable force to be reckoned with.

And ?

Nissen is Fighting Mitch McElroy from Florida in the GFC! See I told you guys he was gonna be a force. Nissen If you read this give us some feed back on your training/and your upcoming fight? How did you get a chance to fight on this card? Good luck, Joe

He said on another thread he was training bjj with Luis 'Lemao' Heredia (Rickson BB) at Maui Jiu-jitsu.

He is in Maui, training w/Luis until Jan 10, then will return home. He normally does Jiu jitsu with Jay Dennis, and stand up w/ Maurice Travis.




Nissen is the man! I've seen him up close and personal. He will destroy Mitch no questions asked

A few guys have seen Nissen "up close and personal" and I dont think it was a favorable experience for them. Nissen is by far the most complete fighter I have ever trained.


Nissen is really trianing for this next fight. He is much more relaxed now than he was when he started and takes critisim of his fights the correct way so he can get better. I can honestly say he wants to be 185 champ one day and has the right tools physicaly, mentally, and has the desire. He doesnt smoke or drink(other than an occasional sparkling apple cider). getting better with every fight. Speacial talent to work with.

dont underestimate mitch he is a black belt under helio soneca and trains with some of florida's best.- luigi

I understand that Mitch is a tough guy w/ good Jiu Jitsu. I wish him the best. Good luck. See you guys in Fla. You coming to the show Luigi?


Training is going well, reporting injury free (except my swollen ear). Maui is my home and I am very focused here on my upcoming fight on Jan 20th. I am very fortunate to be fighting on this card (thanks to Jay, Relson, Maurice and Cooper)and look forward to many more Gracie Fighting Champ shows to come. Thanks to everyone for the support, see you guys in Miami-




mitch is VERY tough.


I expect a great fight from both athletes.