@NiteProwleR . Got out the 660 to play today. You can look at her and stroke it.


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I cut down like 10 trees on Monday. I have the hook up at a Stihl dealer so I got a new saw and it was a chance to use it. I can get anything Stihl for like half price. It’s pretty sweet.

Did ya get your steaks homeboy? Any tubesteak for nitey?!

Yeah he gave me a whole box of them. His steak cuts are awesome quality and I always have enough tubesteak for prowler.

Heck yeah man! I worked on that house down the road from me and then grilled out. Smashed my son in a water balloon fight. But the little shithead did a cheap shot pearl harbor job on me later with a couple balloons he had stashed away lol.

Great memorial day!

Lol he’s a tricky little fucker. He always has some kind of sneak attack in line for you. Glad you both had a good holiday.

My little MS-250 bows respectfully. I wish I had MSD’s hookup when I bought it, though!

Little chainsaws are better in my opinion. I use my little ones way more than I use the big boy. Probably 10 to 1.

But when you need a big saw, you really need a big saw.

Let me have a look at her if you get a chance and wanna make me horny!

He gets his cheap shotting skills honest :joy:

Some of the new stihls are fucking awesome. I know way more about Stihl products than I should. For some side money I sharpen chains for the Stihl dealer shop and have learned a lot about them in the process.

At least he didn’t punch you in the dick this time.

What do you sharpen with? I use a little dremel tool to do mine. It works pretty well and it’s cheap as hell to pick one up.

A set up like this. You just set it to 30 degrees and adust the tilt on the grinding wheel to hit the tooth where you want it and then tap each tooth twice and it’s sharp. Then you spin the thing the chains on to the other side and you hit the teeth going the other direction. I can sharpen a chain in like 2 min.

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Well shit. You’re much more fancy than me. I dont have the money for something like that because I spent it all on chainsaws and carnival rides :joy::joy::joy:

No frills, supposedly one of the last of the high-compression no-emissions-controls b.s. small saws.

Shes pretty! I like her. I’m sure she gets the job done just fine! I have one of similar size. Dont think its exactly same though.

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The Ms250 is a good saw. It’s one of the best sellers at the dealer.

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It cuts better/quicker than I expected! I had some limbs about 8" in diameter, and it cut through them WAY more quickly than I expected. I have an old electric chain saw, NO comparison.

One thing with some of the models of stihls is beginners shouldn’t use them. Some of the models flood very easily. People will put the choke on and yank it 5 and 6 times trying to start it. They don’t understand you aren’t trying to start it on full choke. You are just trying to get it to cough then take the full choke off and crank it there. They recommend not pulling the cord on choke more than 2 or 3 times. After that you risk flooding it and having to pull the spark plug and blow everything out with air.

I don’t really like the c models with the easy start pull. You literally just gently pull the cord and it starts. I much prefer the models with the normal pull.