NJ on 3/13 - Russia v USA - update

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Atlantic City's TAJ MAHAL - Set to Host 'Russia v. USA' Event on March 13th!!!

March 13th, 2004 // EUPHORIA ENTERTAINMENT presents a Mixed Martial Arts 'RUSSIAN INVASION'
Trump Taj Mahal
1000 Boardwalk at Virginia Avenue
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
For more information call:
(609) 449-1000
(800) 825-8888

PICTURE: Russia's M-1 Champions, Roman Zentsov and Andrei Semenov.

For tickets, call the Trump Taj Mahal Arena or access www.ticketmaster.com key word 'Russian Boxing'.

Wrestlers BRIAN EBERSOLE and CHAEL SONNEN added to American Squad

Atlantic City's 'RUSSIA v. USA' show being hosted by Euphoria Entertainment is 3 weeks away. 'The card is changed a bit' states matchmaker Miguel Iturrate. 'We are in the process of liscensing, medicals and approval by the New Jersey state boxing commission, and things are starting to get exciting.' starts matchmaker Miguel Iturrate.

'There are a few changes we are working on.' continues the matchmaker. 'Arman Gambaryan is now set to take on Chael Sonnen of Team Quest, as ATT's Moacyr Oliveria is unable to do the match. New York's Tom Muller is also out, and Brian Ebersole has stepped in to face Alexei Veselozorov. They call Alexei the 'Destroyer', and Ebersole has 30 fights and is very crafty and ready. Both these matches are being presented to the boxing commission as we speak.' concludes the matchmaker.

Thecomplete card appears below.

Card Subject To Change / Pending Approval from NJ State Liscensing:

3 Rounds / 265 LBS: Roman Zentsov (Red Devil Team, Russia) v. Jeff Monson (American TOP TEAM, Ft Lauderdale, FL)

3 Rounds / 185 LBS: Andre Semenov (Red Devil Team, Russia) v. Trevor Prangley (Team AKA, Boise, ID)

3 Rounds / 170 LBS: Musail Alaudinov (Red Devil Team, Russia) v. Derrick Noble (Silverbacks, Canton, IL.)

3 Rounds / 265 LBS: Ibragim Magomedov (Red Devil Team, Russia) v. Ben Rothwell (Strasser's Freestyle Academy, Kenosha, WI.)

2 Rounds / 185 LBS: Denis Komkin (Red Devil Team, Russia) v. Joe D'Arce (Team Renzo Gracie, NJ)

2 Rounds / 205 LBS: Arman Gambaryan (Red Devil Team, Russia) v. Chael Sonnen (Team Quest, Portland, OR.)

2 Rounds / 265 LBS: Sergei Kaznovski (Red Devil Team, Russia) v. Ron Faircloth (Strasser's Freestyle Academy, Kenosha, WI.)

2 Rounds / 155 LBS: Serguei Goliaev (Red Devil Team, Russia) v. Jason Maxwell (Team EXTREME, Henrietta, TX.)

2 Rounds / 265 LBS: Mikhail Bogdanov (Red Devil Team, Russia) v. Justin Eilers (Team EXTREME, Quad Cities,IA.)

2 Rounds / 205 LBS: Alexei Veselozorov (Red Devil Team, Russia) v. Brian Ebersole (Team AKA, San Jose, CA)

Many agree. I love him as a fighter, but he may be slowing down a bit.

I think the RUSSIAN team, and the American team too, each have about 4-6 guys you will see in UFC.

Go to bed Sutton.

: )


By the way,I was in NYC, and I heard advertising for this on the RUSSIAN radio station.

Moe advertising hits this week.


Fighters from the Red Devil Fight Team, American Top Team, The Lion's Den, Silverbacks, Strasser's Freestyle Academy, Team Renzo Gracie, Team Quest, Team Extreme and Team AKA all on the same card... and in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where it all started!

What all started? UFC 1 was in Colorado I thought?

Ebersol TTT Ill bee their mang! Russians can take betings so have ice ice on hand for your hands.

OK... how about "in New Jersey, where it (organized, regulated, professional MMA) all started." Anyway, shouldn't you be at work? Will you be in town, Randy?

ttt for Semenov in the UFC

Thi si MMA - UFC rules, in a ring.

Please release a DVD of this event. Does anyone have any info about this?

Good luck Brian Ebersol~!