Jerry Mendez here to tell you that GHK promotions & ACOM-SPORTS will be hosting the NJ OPEN GRAPPLING CHALLENGE.  $500 will be going to the winners of the Absolute Divisions.  DECEMBER 2nd IS THIS EVENT.  NOT THE 9TH....SORRY....LOL

185lbs - Under absolute division - $500 1st place

186lbs - Above absolute division - $500 1st place

Anyone interested in competing, email JerryMendez@acom-sports.com for more details or registration forms






Hi Jerry - how many folks do you have for the 186lbs - Above absolute division so far?

My experience is that they just join the absolutes on the day of competition.  We have a lot of people that are inquiring about it.  And with $500 for grabs, i think there will be a lot of people competing in it.  Let's see what happens.  The first grappling event that i hosted was a GREAT event with Nolan Dutcher winning the Absolute division World Belt.


What i definitely wanna do is have competitions where @ the end of the Season, there will be invitations to compete for the WORLD Championships & that one will have $5000 dollars up for grabs.  That will be sometime later next year.

what are the regular divisions for submission wrestling? Weight classes, divisions, what are the prizes?

Go to WWW.CombatintheCage.com

click on the flyer and then click on the procedural rules.  Awards will be Gold, Silver, Bronze medals.  Absolute divisions will award $500 to 1st place winners.

there will be two Absolute divisions

the 186lbs - above division

& the 185lbs - under division

match with aron definaltey a go?

YEP!!! I'll Ref that one


ttt for Allen Harris.  He won the Acom-Sports Heavyweight Advanced @ the USKBA worlds.  And he's like 175lbs.  Great Grappler.


Hey Jerry, how come on the app. it says that the early reg. deadline was may 2006?? I can go sign up the day of the event with no late fees right??

I am assuming that is a typo


awww, shucks, Jerry. Thanx.


Yeah, it is a typo.  email me at JerryMendez@acom-sports.com

Give me your mailing address and i'll mail you a package with the registration form.



-Jerry M.