NL Hold Em pre flop play...

What hands do you consider to be raising hands pre flop?

And how much in regards to say a 25/50 blind structure, no Ante.

This is in early position, in a long handed tournament game

Early position, early in the tournament with blinds at 25/50?

I would raise to $200 with AA & KK (and go all in if reraised). Raise $200 with QQ & JJ (call another bet, see the flop, and act accordingly). Raise or limp with AK (it IS only a drawing hand) I seem to get screwed over a lot with AK, seems to be the most overrated hand ever.

I wouldn't play any other hands early position early in a tournament at a full table. Then again I'm a really tight player so take it for what it's worth.

great idea, slow play AA KK JJ QQ and AK. then when they get cracked by a garbage hand you let see a cheap flop, tip the dealer 40 bucks you cheap bastard.

BTW, when did JJ become a "medium pair"? its only the 4th best starting hand in hold'm and "dominated" by only three other starting hands.

AK is an interesting one.

Pre flop you are 50/50 against all but AA and KK. You still have 30% chance v KK.

Do you not feel that you want to see all 5 cards with AK?

I think it should be raised like AA + KK and if reraised all in is the best option.

I think AA - 10's and AK are strong raising hands.

I know AK is the 5th best hand in Hold Em, but lately I've been getting screwed so I haven't fallen in love with it.

It's still a drawing hand and preflop dog to any pocket pair (even 22) so I act cautiously. In late position I'll play it more aggresively. Blinds or early position I might limp or raise, depends on the table.

AK definitely works better seeing all 5 cards. I'll usually see the flop and try a bluff if I miss the flop. If reraised, I'm out.

The best advice I've heard about AK is "It's ok to go All In with AK but don't call an All In with AK." Obviously this depends on the stack sizes and stage of the tournament or ring game.

AK is still a great hand, but I'd prefer KK, QQ or JJ.

almost everytime i see top hands lose its due to not raising. then they complain that "aces never win" and feel sorry for themsleves. they are called "raising hands" for a reason - they don't play well against large fields unless you hit trips. if you don't narrow down the field with by raising you are making a mistake. it sounds like you make a lot of those. you get few enough premium hands as it is, why misplay them when you do? sometimes i'll just call a raise with big hands to trap, or limp from early position and hope to re-raise but if you get caught with aces vs. 4 or 5 players, its usually your fault. i try to avoid FPS.

IT DEPENDS on your opponets whether or not to slow play AA kk up front, it can be much more profitable.

Also good players, can get away from AA kk after the flop.

When you have AK it is mathamatically much less likely that you run into AA kk.

When you have 10 10 jj qq you will run into AA kk more often when facing action.

When new stick to basics, as your skill over your opponets increases, you can vary your play to make the most money on these hands