No action and empty rhetoric regarding Cuba is going to be awful for Dems in 2022

Biden makes a few comments, says communism bad, but doesn’t come out in direct support of the Cuban people flying American flags and demanding freedom. He makes some strange comments about how they are protesting covid and want more vaccines…

Harris dances around the question and doesn’t say a word and goes on to lie about speaking to Murkowski about election issues…

Biden says they will turn the boats around while the southern border is open.

BLM and the far left come out in support of the communist regime and demand for the end of the embargo.

This is going to be a huge issue for the dems in 2022, I just don’t think they realize how big yet.


ZNED goes to Miami once.



It has nothing to do with that. I also spent the last 15 years in West New York Nj which is a primarily Cuban neighborhood, and once of BLVD east almost exclusively Spanish speaking.

My stance is that Cuba is not going to be able to silence the populace demanding freedom, and the U.S.'s lack of action (providing internet and communications) and lack of support is going to come back and bite the Dems in 2022.

This is going to be a much bigger issue than it is being treated as right now.


How can Biden speak out against communism when that’s what he is pushing the US towards? Liberals love communism, it’s the great equalizer and inner city blacks won’t need CRT or other crap to explain why they they suck at life.

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The narrative from the left has been that Cuba was so great to their people, and the people were happy and prosperous, and the health care was amazing.

Remember when Michael Moore floated on a boat into Cuban waters asking for health care?

That facade is crumbling and it is going to hurt their narrative in 2022, and 2024. I think this issue turns Florida solidly red in both 2022 and 2024, and it is going to bring major issues to left leaning pols in in local elections in places like Hudson County NJ.

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They want to be Cuba that’s why they don’t condemn it. A whole population that’s equal. Equal in misery. With the only elite being the government.

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I agree with OP, but it seems like Dems are pretty good at rigging elections

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yeahj yeah, and all the BLM stuff from last year was going to hurt Bidens chances of winning in a landslide last year.

Yeah I don’t buy this at all. Dems will Dem - they give no shits about Cubans. Cubans don’t give a shit about Cubans.

I like how a third world country that has been under dictatorship rule for 60+ years is suddenly a modern day Dem problem. Didn’t the Cubans already go for Trump? What will the Dems ‘lose?’

I know there has been some applause for their healthcare. I’ve heard good and bad, but I don’t know the full truth behind its capabilities (I have friends who have been to Cuba and have spoken well of it). I know of few people that thought that Castro Communist Cuba is a paradise on Earth which to aspire.

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It is a modern day Dem problem because the currently, at this moment, while Biden is president, Cubans are protesting in the streets for freedom.

The response has been muted at best. Biden declared they want vaccines and are protesting Covid, which they. aren’t.

It is his time to step up and support freedom and democracy.

If they fail to act it will be a painful issue in 2022 and 2024. Biden won’t even take calls from Rubio and Salazar.

Why does it matter if Cubans in America voted for Trump, didn’t Biden declare he would be a president for everyone? Even those who didn’t vote for him?

This also is not about Cuban Americans, it is about an island 90 miles off our shore that is on the verge of revolution. Either we support and get involved or Russia and China will.


I don’t think they are too worried.

What should he do? Invade? Drop bombs?

I fail to see how this will be even a minor issue for Dems.

I support the people of Cuba in their fight against dictatorship. But only the people of Cuba can make this change.

And with this, Zned has proven my Floridian theory. That theory being that anyone not born inside that state and that has willingly decided to move there. Will unknowingly be subject to having their brain removed.

Cuba? Issue? A dem issue at that? The majority of Dems are too fooking dumb to give a shit. Look who they appearently voted for in the last election!

The truth is nobody on either side gives a rats ass about Cuba. If they did you would of been able to notice it 2 administrations ago. When obama lifted visiting sanctions for those Americans with family still in Cuba. Nobody cared. Airlines were not lining up to schedule flights. Contractors were not lining up to sink their greedy teeth into their economy. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Ziltch.

Now you feel it’s going to be an issue for either party? Zoned I respect your opinion and wealth of knowledge when it comes to fancy shit but you couldnt be more wrong.

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The U.S. can provide internet access so the people of Cuba aren’t silenced by the regime.

This goes way beyond just the ideological, and is a major national security issue.

It is a window to help democratize Cuba and limit Russian and Chinese presence on the island.

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Condemn the regime and stand with people crying for freedom. Put up internet towers in Guantanamo so they have access to the full internet so we can see inside and they can see the outside.

That the US has turned its back on people fighting against totalitarian communist dictatorship in Hong Kong and now Cuba in the last 18 months is a disgrace.


I really thought that under Obama that the restrictions on Cuba would be lifted.

If the USA really wants to destroy communism in Cuba they need to lift the restrictions and let them be like any other country in trade.

The culture of the USA is so strong that it invades and takes root in any country they work with to the point that communsim in Cuba, being so close etc would eventually fall as Cubans would demand more from their gov’t.

My 5 cents.

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Lifting the embargo only strengthens and enriches the communist regime.


This. Thank you.

I don’t think it will.