No action and empty rhetoric regarding Cuba is going to be awful for Dems in 2022

I think you’re vastly overestimating the amount of Americans that give a single fuck about this.

If your socialist/communist system needs capitalism to survive it’s obvious not sustainable. All it does when they get access to goods and products is allow the powers to further exploit the people and gain more wealth.

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The embargo has been in place for 61 years and hasn’t broken communism there yet.

Maybe try something new.

I like that free wi-fi from gitmo bay though, that sounds awesome.

It’d be like, “F@ck you, Commies!” and if they say anything the USA can just say it’s not their fault their wifi keeps getting used, and that they need it to track fish or something. LOL!

Opening trade to China didn’t help they just enriched the top while the rural farmers/working class and ethnic minorities are stuck in abject poverty and now in concentration camps.


much of those 61 years there was financial support from other regimes like Russia and Venezuela. With that support gone there is a current window.

Also, like I said, it is a national security issue. If we don’t step up China and Russia will.


Agreed that Cuba had support previously from those two places.

Open the doors and let it all happen.

Cuba will be a sh*t show and the commies will fall.

End the embargo with the communist regime in power and it enriches the elite class and doesn’t provide freedom.

Obama didn’t lift the embargo. He lessened some parts of it in exchange for very minor exchanges, such as very limited property rights for very few people.

IT was all fluff.

The U.S. should be pumping internet access in to Cuba as we speak, and we should not be considering any support to help the regime while they are imprisoning people who speak against the regime.


It doesn’t matter - the left own the media via dubious fact checking.

Not sure this is empty rhetoric.

“The time is never right to attempt migration by sea,” Mayorkas said in a press conference at the U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters. “To those who risk their lives doing so, this risk is not worth taking.”

“Allow me to be clear: If you take to the sea, you will not come to the United States”

ZNED and others, here is where I get confused. I think you’re mostly conservative and tend to lean toward non-internventionism. I could be wrong on that, sorry if I’m mis-remembering some of your past stances.

I’d love to stand up for the freedom of the people of Cuba, let’s get involved, go for it. But where does that end then? People on here constantly shit on ‘starting new wars,’ but what if stepping in for freedom caused bullets to fire? Would that then be justified? Should we have interfered in Hong Kong under the Trump admin last year and risked conflict with China? Syria? What about the Palestinians in Gaza, aren’t they oppressed and have freedoms restricted (I’m not anti-Israel, but there are freedoms restricted there). Why didn’t we get involved in Venezuela when the elections seemed to be fudged?

If we’re going to get involved and help ensure freedom and democracy around the world, then let’s do it. But I don’t get picking and choosing certain use cases. I guess for Cuba you could make the national security case, but we could probably make that argument about Venezuela, Honduras, Colombia, etc.

The only reason I made the ‘Cubans voted for Trump’ comment is because the premise of this thread is it’ll be bad for Dems. I think we’ve determined Latin people aren’t a monolith and vote in different blocs based on their backgrounds. I doubt the Dems win FL next few elections, and that is the state most impacted by the Cuban-American vote.

We don’t have to start a war to support the people. There are ways of providing support for protestors without aggression and violence like internet access condemning the crackdowns on protestors and calling for release of disidentes. Hell the current administration is to scared of their left flank to even condemn communism.

“Communism is a failed system – a universally failed system. And I don’t see socialism as a very useful substitute. But that’s another story.”

Biden last week

This will have local regional repercussions at most. 90% of the US could give two fucks about Cubs.

Furthermore, no one is going to switch to a party associated with trump over some Caribbean Mexicans.

The republicans need to keep Trump off the ticket.

The problem with Cuba isn’t going to be with cubans, it is going to be what happens when Russian or Chinese influence steps onto the island and we have an adversary sitting 90 miles off our coast again.

This is really problematic for the Democrats because the split between Democrats and the far left is only going to get worse, this issue will continue to fragment their base.

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Regional repercussions can be a huge deal come election time, and can subsequently shape the political environment on a national level.

Exactly. They are being careful not to offend their base. No Independent or Republican is going to vote for Harris. So that leaves the Democrats voicing support for racist, anti free speech, anti constitution, anti capitalism and anti democratic policies.

This is the empty rhetoric I am talking about. He says this but does not provide internet for the Cuban people via Guantanamo, and does not denounce the imprisonment of those who descent.

His anti socialist rhetoric will further grow the chasm in the base between the traditional democrats (are there any left?) and the far left.

The whole issue is gong to be a mess, and if we get an adversary who has been hitting us with cyber attacks sitting 90 miles off our coast it is going to be a major issue.

Unless our election system is overhauled the Republicans will never win another major election.

This last one was the big test. They will continue with fraudulent votes until bullets meet fake ballots.