No Activity US Season 2 is out!

Most of you missed Season 1. Now season 2 is here. And fuck me it's funny as ever. 

Holly crap @ Jessica Alba’s Guest performance hahaha.

Guys, sersiously. You need to get on that Series. Both seasons are just 8 Episodes, and it's all about the writing. It has some fantastic lines in there. It's basically no action, and just different couple of people sitting and being bored (two cops, two tunnel diggers, two dispatchers etc), talking to each other, alot of it is improvised. 

Here's a trailer for season 1, which makes it seem more action oriented than it is. Again: It's just about the dialogues. 

Although I recommend not watching any trailers and just dive in. 

Season 2

Great show. Just binged season 2.

And watch the original Australia version which is a little more off the wall.

In for something to do at work today.


TTT, more people need this on their radars.