No Anderson Silva story in the front page?

No hespect


Does he still fight for the UFC?

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Jake, Logan, Ben and Tyron are not part of the UFC anymore. What’s your point?

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are you short?

Anderson the real GOAT now. All bow down.


UFC has dominated the front page of this site for years. Jake can’t keep the UFC out of his mouth, so he’s part of the advertisement. As for Ben/Tyron, they’re only relevant because of Jake.

I’m not saying it’s a good thing, because it’s not. But it’s true…

Anderson had an epic performance. Had he dedicated his life to bring instead of MMA he would have become stb like RJJ


If Anderson beats RJJ in boxing then he’s the GOAT of all combat sports in my book

You have low standards.

Nah, just stories about a roided out Latino BJJ freak trying to hurt an MMA fighter. The owners here don’t care about shit.

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I had NO IDEA this was even happening.


Stupid reply function

It’s on YouTube.
It’s a fantastic performance that should be talked about for years to come.
A 46 years old retired MMA legend takes on a 35 years old former boxing wold champion.
The 1-1 boxer VS the 52-5-1 boxer.
No one gave Silva a chance.


Anderson should box Jake Paul. They are basically the same size and since Anderson can box we will see if Jake can actually box against someone with equal skills.

Equal skills?

This was equivalent to Ray Mercer knocking Tim Sylvia out.

So amazing

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Esss normal

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