No baby formula for Americans. Biden admin has pallets & pallets of it for the illegals only

My wife pumped a full year for our kids and a year and a half for our first. But the reality is many or most Americans do not.

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A real father would suck that milk out of the mother’s tit and spit it into his baby’s mouth himself


The dudes at the glory hole wouldnt know what hit ‘em next season! All that sucking training…

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The FDA has known since October when the issue arose this was a big issue. That’s nearly 8 months to start looking for solutions. The FDA is an executive branch agency. The president and his cabinet should have known and been working on solutions the last 8 months. Like getting approval for Canadian or European formula to reduce the impact. But instead of preparing and being proactive like everything else they wait till it blows up then blame shift. It’s pure incompetence that this has become the issue it is.

Anchor babies need formula too, they are the future of the democrat party.

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The FDA has been a shit show since Biden came on board. I think it’s been without a head the entire time. The two top people resigned over not going along with vaccine mandates.

And this is during a period when the FDA has needed to work on vaccines, covid test kits, baby formula, and any number of other critical shit. Total shit show.


So is this shortage just an american issue? I see canadians posting shit on FB but not sure if they are refering to the US or if Canada has the same issue

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For the love of fuck… make your own formula. Generations upon generations did this without issue.

Don’t buy into the fear mongering. Homemade formula is safe and was even recommended by hospitals.

muh capitalism. If the government had a contract and was purchased than that’s how it works.

Not the best idea

Its because they are doing it wrong. For the best homemade baby formula you need

1 cup ensure
1 scoop whey protein
1 raw egg
1 Tablespoon fish oil
10mg Anavar

Babies have a natural immunity to salmonella.

This is exactly what I’m talking about.

100% fear mongering. They want people dependent.

Fuck all of that.

My grandmothers raised their entire families on homemade formula. And that’s how they were raised too. That’s how the families operated. The parents worked. The grandparents raised the kids. So breast feeding was out. Homemade formula was given to literally everyone. Nobody got sick. Nobody died. Christ, most lived to ripe old ages.

Same with my family, especially my parents generation and grandparents etc. Old school Europeans that immigrated to small rural areas in Canada, all made their own, nobody got sick and we all grew up healthy