No Beeps

i gets no beeps from my computer. i hit the power, and the fans turn on, the drives spin, but no beeps. nothing comes up on my monitor. i remove the ramm and power up, and still no beeps. i flashed the bios,... no beeps. im gonna take it apart right now. the mobo is like 6 months old.


Here is a good step to the process of elimination

First off, take out ALL PCI cards (cept video)

Check it

Unplug EVERY device cept keyboard and check it (yes, mouses and other usb devices can cause this)

Next - Unplug the video card, and see if you get a beep at that point. If no go

Unplug memory, if no beeps at that point

reseat processor

if no go, swap processor, and or motherboard for further troubleshooting.

maybe your speaker is brokern?

j/k, sorry I can't be more help but I'm litterally running out the door. TTT for later though

it could be.. but still no display after what i tried. i am gonna try what fin said.


no beeps still, no display. tried diff powersupply, video card, memory, n even keyboard. The board powers up, but thats about it.

Anyone use an MSI board before? A lot of good reviews i found about them.

Have you checked your speaker? If your speaker doesn't work, you won't get any beeps.

Check your drive cables, weird things can sometimes happen if your floppy, CD or HDD cables are backwards. Check power and data cables.

i tested all of the cables, drives and even the speaker on another setup. Its the board as far as i can test. I sent it back to be checked out. I may ust purchase another though.