No body, doesn't talk to police without lawyer, how hard to convict?

Not to hijack the Van life thread but if you have a guy that lawyers up and doesn’t dig his own grave by talking to police and start saying stuff that will be used to hang him later, how hard is it to convict him of murder?

Let’s say there is zero evidence of foul play other than strong circumtual evidence.

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What kind of parking lot are we talking about here?


I have heard the same thing. Lawyers tell their clients to shut the fuck up. That is what the parents of Jon Benet Ramsey did and they got off scott free.


One of the most important things you learn in life that every lawyer will tell you is “never talk to the police”


No evidence = can’t convict… criminal cases need to be be beyond a reasonable doubt.

My fiancé or friend’s life would take priority over possible legal risks. I would have called for help or done whatever I could to help them.

Now if I was a cold hearted son of a bitch I would go sit in my room silent until the whole thing played out then decide on my choices. Hopefully they wouldn’t have enough evidence.

I would be an outcast but hey, I would be in Florida. I could probably go bang Casey Anthony.


Zero percent conviction

I was going to start a thread to ask something similar.

My question was, how many murder convictions wouldn’t have been convictions if the defendant had just said absolutely nothing? Do any lawyers have any idea to make an educated guess on the percentages?

OJ sort of followed that script but he just can’t help himself. He practically confessed to the whole thing after he was found not guilty

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Cause when youre king, they let you get away with that kind of stuff.

I sort of forget the Peterson case. Wasn’t there blood in his boat and didn’t his mistress testify against him.

I think they found her hair in the boat…I could be wrong

The mistress didn’t know about the murder… she just testified that he’s a piece of shit

I’m hoping Ron Goldman’s dad finally kills OJ. He’s 80 now so why the hell not


I wouldn’t. OJ will be dead soon and he will probably be punished in the afterlife

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I suspect they already have this kid, they are just putting it all together. expect an arrest by monday morning, if not sooner.

Why? Well, generation tide pod never leaves their phone unattended, meaning they can geo locate everywhere he and she went. Step 1: Make sure you place the suspect in an area at the time of the crime. He’s toast on that one.

The rest of it, he pulled a scott peterson. Only now technology, toll road cameras, convenience store cameras, and everyone has a video camera in their hands and it is just a matter of time till they zero in on a body and pin point this kid’s movements. He’s fucked.


Didn’t they find the body of her and her unborn child?

In the water

You are not qualified to speak to investigators about a crime. It’s always best to hire an attorney to do that for you. Always, no exceptions.