no Britney is making me sad :_(


greatest ring girl to date eva

think they could have airbrushed that photo any more?

 new 1 is hotter

She'll be back. I hope. Phone Post

ranier wolfcastle -  new 1 is hotter

No way. Phone Post

Britney was the GOAT

Seemed cool too, way hotter and nicer than Arianny imo.

so they got rid of her or is this just for 1 event?

 I mean come on....

this is the kinda shit that makes the decisions easy about purchasing the ppv

dat gap

Ttt Phone Post

Stainypoo - I heard she was preggos. Phone Post


DIZZZLE - dat gap

"It's a platonic ideal.

That ass is a higher truth.

Look, look at that little portal of light,
just below her crotch,

right where the thigh
meets the pudendum."