No Coleman, Wand, Arona??

Alright, I was just looking at some things.

1) Ricardo Arona - There has been no mention of this guy at all by Pride. I was thinking he could have been one of the participants in the OWGP but no. I really wonder what happened there with this

2) Wand. Silva - With him coming out saying he doesn't have a contract with Pride, I really wonder whats going to happen here. It seems like neither of them are really budging from everything I've read. Maybe Wand is going to leave Pride and come to the states. He'd be in huge demand over here

3) Mark Coleman - Baroni came here and as we've seen with the updated OWGP card, he's not going to be a part of the OWGP. It's interesting though because on Pride 31's commentary, they mention that Coleman would be in the tournament. Now, with Baroni making it official, I really wonder why the hell not. He would have been a good fit in the OWGP. I also read on here that someone said he is looking to come fight in the states. With the IFL coming out and saying they will be annoucing more teams, do you think Coleman will be the coach for one of these teams? I'm really wondering where this story is going to go

4) Bas Rutten - Probably the most entertaining and best commentator in the game has left Pride because Pride didn't show enough interest in him.

My point here being, his Pride losing some of their talent and just getting lazy? It seems like they don't care anymore. They could have made the OWGP the best card in history but instead, put mediocre matches for the first round, put about 3 guys out of the heavyweight division in the entire thing, and basically just made a premature Heavyweight Grand Prix. I really have to wonder what the hell is going on over there in Pride right now.

I know that Mr. Sakakibara is going through some hard times with the Yakuza incident over there but one has to think someone else in that front office would have the know how to make a decent card. I'm just not sure if Pride has their head straight. What do you guys think about this? There is a lot more instances than just those 4 but those were the ones that have came to mind. Personally, I'd love to see all 3 of those guys fight here in the states. Could you imagine Liddell vs. Arona or Wand. vs. Liddell? A dream match. Coleman coaching an IFL team or better yet, fighting in the UFC heavyweight division?

With Wand saying that a promotion that is going to rival the UFC (My guess being the WFA with how they are snagging up talent right now) offering him $500k plus PPV % to come to the promotion, I see a lot of things coming out of this.



I knew that was comin'

"coleman vs silva should have definately been on this card."

I agree. It would have been huge and the main event they needed to get buys, especially here in the US. Also, I hear that the OWGP is going head to head with a big time boxing match over there in Japan and I dont think this will be something that will have people turning to Pride from that boxing match. I just don't really understand what is going on over there. Does anyone here train with Coleman or have any idea whats going on with him?

Who cares about Wanderlei, Arona, and Coleman when we have Zulu Zhino!

"Who cares about Wanderlei, Arona, and Coleman when we have Zulu Zhino!"

LoL alright, its true.

Bas left again?
I thought he was doing regular PRIDE shows, not Bushido

"Bas left again? I thought he was doing regular PRIDE shows, not Bushido"

Nope. He said Pride told him that they wanted to see where the IFL went and wanted to see how it would effect his availability to Pride. Bas said that he told them it wouldn't effect it but they just kind of blew him off so, he said he is done with Pride. Pride has Trigg so, they probably think that he's good enough. Whatever.

The 205 division seems to possibly be weakening as well. Igor's lost his last several fights. Overeem has moved up to heavyweight. Shogun is out for awhile and may fight at heavyweight. Kondo, Bustamante, Henderson, and Ninja have moved to 185.

We're left with Silva (apparently not signed at the moment), Nakamura, Sakuraba, Arona, and Rogerio.

Silva/Rogerio and Nakamura/Arona are literally the only matches left. Rog and Arona won't fight each other. Nak and Sak won't fight each other. All the other combinations have already been done at least once, and Sak/Silva, Rog/Nak, and Arona/Silva have happened at least twice each.

Even if Shogun stays at 205, he won't fight Silva and has already crushed Arona. I guess he could fight both Arona and Rogerio again since one was close and the other was a tournament final.

If Igor sticks around, he could fight most of those guys, but having not looked great in his 205 outings, I don't know how much excitement he will generate.

Has anyone heard anything about Pride signing any new 205ers? What was an extremely deep division less than a year ago seems to have almost evaporated over night.


I think Coleman's out of contract now....
Think his last contracted fight was the Shogun fight, so who knows whats happening with him...

Pride's missing out on hyping the Wandy v Coleman fight...actually, doesn't need much hyping at all.

Sheds a tear

TTT for Johnny

Silva finally realized that he doesn`t want to get his ass kicked again by Coleman.

Who would everyone's 16 man selections be, assuming everyone is healthy and you can get people from other promotions? What would be the first round matchups?

TBA takes it easily.