No Conspiracy Theories, Really make sense

MMA Fans can reach for straws when angry or upset, the truth is in the real world Nick Diaz would be fired.

There are parts of my job I Hate I even expressed them to my boss, he told me we could get people to do those for me, along with the rest of my job if I didn't want to do them. Welcome to the real world.

Does the switch hype the fight? Maybe but not for Diaz fans who wanted to see Diaz get a title shot. Also remember Dana couldn't just switch fights without Diaz giving him reason to.

He's also launched into former champs like Tito Ortiz and Machida for a lot less. He also fired Fitch and Koscheck for a day and cut Overeem. This was Dana White letting Nick Diaz know he runs the show and nothing more.

And what better punishment for Diaz then to go fight on the card for likely less money and have to watch someone else get his title shot, knowing if he loses he's pushed back even further.