Was really looking forward to getting into crossfit, but now I'm moving to NC in Jully and it seems theres only one crossfit like 2 1/2 hours away from where I'm going. Does anyone know of any Locations in Eastern North Carolina?

Dude , I live in Australia so the closest crossfit is about 10,000 kms away

The whole point of crossfit is you can easily do it at home.

you don't NEED a crossfit facility to DO Crossfit.
I don't have one anywhere near me, nor do I even possess all of the equipment, but I still manage to do the WOD's with some adjustments just fine.

btw, have you checked the Crossfit affiliiates links on the webpage?

YA, I live in the mountains of Virginia, no local gym or CrossFit. But I am a avid CrossFitter. I work out in my basement gym and even at home in my kitchen. You need basic eqiupment. I have a olympic bar and some plates, a home made medicine ball, chin up bar, pvc parallettes, etc. On days the wod calls for sprints or 400 meter runs, I use my lifeline cable with belt and do resistance runing. The point is you can do it.

What, going to the gym is a cult? Anyone who loves to go to their local Gold's Gym is cult-like?

Anyone who loves to go to Outback cause they've got some awesome food and the prices are great is like a cult member?

Just cause you like to tap the poontang nightly you are a cult-of-the-pussy member? Good shit is good shit and people love it, it does not make you a cult member.

I think he was referring to crossfit being like a cult , not general gym goers. He is pretty much right as well. Ever since i started on crossfit , it seems everything I had done in my 'previous life' was a waste of time.

I'm hooked no doubt about it

I live in Marystown, Newfoundland. The only commercial gym within 200 miles is the local chapter of Curves for women. I do the WOD just about everyday and the only thing limiting me is my own physical ability (working on that).

If you got a barbell and somewhere to do pullups you can do most of the workouts with a little creative subbing.

I was giving examples of how people can love something a lot and it does not make you like a cult member or some sort of addict.

Obviously, he was talking about Crossfit, did you think I read something into his statement which quite clearly says "this crossfit shit is like a cult" ?

Where did you think I picked up gym goers from his very explicit Crossfit reference? I was making an example bro.

What's wrong with cults?

resumes chugging the kool-aide

What's wrong with being insane?

Wonders if there is rice flavored kool-aide

"Where did you think I picked up gym goers from his very explicit Crossfit reference?"

in the very first line of your response

"What, going to the gym is a cult?"

Not everyone knows what crossfit is, sorry if i grouped you in that large bracket. But anyway , you have explained your response , so its no big deal , i undertsand what you are trying to say now.

If you think that Glassman is insane, I would like to hear what experience
you have with him or upon what you base your assertion.

When you go into Tom-Cruise-defending-Scientology mode you give ammo to those who say CrossFit is a cult.

A cult, yeh right, that's why you have to pay to get workouts from them and that's why they say you're not allowed to do anything else. And that's why they have highly specific programs so you have to buy their highly specialized workout gear and tools.


I see that if someone agrees with the CrossFit methodology or approach
to GPP that they are classified by you as a cult member. But I still would
like to know upon what evidence or experience you base your conclusions
about Mr. Glasssman.

Question "coach" glassman on his methods of discipline towards online-members who do not put CF first in their conditioning. Do not ask him, question him. He will then ban your isp and not refund your journal fees that you just ordered the week before.

If you do not wish to experience the ugly of CF-

Do not speak of t-nation or any of their contributors at CF.

Do not even speak other approaches of nutrition outside of paleo and zone.

Do not speak about the therapeutic use of steroids even in cases of injury rehabilitation or other actual, safer benefits of aas. Because steroids are bad mmmkay, only useless and weak bodybuilders use them.

Do not describe the manner in which they condemn people of difference as fascist (even though it is).

Drink the Kool-Aide in the zone required allotments.

While I can't point the finger and call people or CF a cult, the majority hasn't spoken freely to say that CF is not a cult. Many CF practicing people haven't responded to the actions or words of the "coach". There is no "checks and balances" on the guy who "helped" you lose weight or achieve good GPP brainlessly. SO when you use your brain and start questioning things, you're left in the sh*thouse. Welcome to the future of fitness and I don't like kool-aide.

Sounds like you're just mad cause you got kicked off the crossfit forum.

Resumes eating rice and drinking kool-aide


Have you ever questioned the manner in which you 'speak' about topics on the crossfit site? I have experienced none of the attitude that you have mentioned.

The members and Greg Glassman have been nothing but helpful and informative regarding all aspects of fitness and health.

Just because someone is passionate about what they believe in doesnt mean they are right but it doesnt mean they are wrong either. If you dont agree with aspects of crossfit, no big deal , take whats useful and ignore the rest.

You sound so bitter towards crossfit when there is so much to gain , for free I might add. Saying people brainlessly follow crossfit is absurd. For me the reality and the results support the theory. If it doesnt work for you, dont do it. But dont blame Greg Glassman for your failures.

Its funny you mention paleo becuase when i used to eat like shit and felt like shit , no one ever commented on my diet . Now that i follow paleo and feel great and am in the best shape of my life , there are queues of people lining up to tell me all the flaws in the paleo model.

I personally think people are intimidated by crossfit and its success. BJJ was similar in alot of respects.

"I personally think people are intimidated by crossfit and its success." = Example of Tom-Cruise-defending-Scientology mode

Crossfit produces results, I could care less about mr glassman tbh, if he'd eat children I'd still do my pullups and thrusters and work on rings.