You know how long the fight could last -- train so you can fight that long if necessary!

If you get tired you lose. I think in a way it is disrespectful on Penns part to show up for maybe his last chance at a world title in such bad shape; after getting handed the fight because of what happened to GSP. I am a huge fan of Penn, I always enjoy watching him fight but he is overrated when it comes to MMA.

green stuff = bad

"Amen! Plus BJ gassing isnt the main reason why he lost. Hughes was the better fighter, got out of everything BJ threw at him, and is just the better fighter. "

Actually I think it's clear the BJ is technically a better fighter. The gassing is pretty much the main reason he lost. Or did you not see BJ stuff all the takedowns, out strike him, control most of the fight, take his back and almost submit Matt before he gassed.

BJ remains one of my favorite fighters. Matt is the best WW champ ever, and has the heart to fight, persevere and train like a true champion.