No fight for Joslin at GQ???

What happened to the middleweight GQ superfight tourny? wasn't jeff suppose to fight in it?


1st in teens 135-150 and 1st in mens 140-150 (6 months to 1 year)

1)triangle in 45 seconds
2)triangle in 35 seconds
3)FINALS- DQ, I triangle a guy when he picked me up into the air when I had a armbar and he slammed me resulting in a DQ
first round bye
4)3-0 win, guard pass
5)FINALS vs a renzo gracie blue belt, FLYING MOTHA F***** TRIANGLE...didn't finish it but the score ended 0-0 with him trying to pass my guard..I won off of advantage triangle

thx, how'd u know I competed?

LOL, Bro how are you, looking forward to seeing u in the bjj class agin with your nice gi u got from brent.

I'll show u my 2 GQ gold medals from yesterday,,very nice looking

Congratulations Left Hook! Way to go!



I was scheduled to fight in the middleweight tourney but unfortuanately in the weeks before the match i aggrivated an injury that has been affecting my training since October last year. I look forward to competing at a future Grapplers Quest even.

Jeff Joslin.

ttt for Jeff's return to Grappler's Quest.

TTT for Joslin!

Sorry to hear that Jeff. Best of luck in your recovery and future endeavors.

When it somes to Jeff, I can definitely relate to the injury part.

TTT for Jeff Joslin the "True" Ultimate Warrior

Next time he is gonna set Grapplers quest on FIRE! and I will be there to cheer him on!