No Fights on TUF?????

I thoughts there were going to be elimination matches on TUF...but the coach of the team that looses the challenge picks who gets is that about???

I know who's the final 2 left on Randy's team.

elimination challenges are so fuckin played out on reality shows!!!!!

yup very disappointing. I thought we were gonna get to see a REAL MMA fight every week and that the FIGHTS would determine who goes home.

would rather see them throw down and eliminate each other that way.

i think even your average reality show fan would prefer fights

Don't worry the final elimination will be a vicious game of monopoly.

oh boy 2 challenges in 1 episode, no fighting!!! very gay

Yeah, but who's going to watch next week if there are no fights this week? The "challenges" certainly didn't make good television. I was still optimistic after the first episode...but now I find myself not caring.

rather see training if they cant do real fights this week.

I have already seen this show before, it was called Fear Factor.

thats gay as hell that those tasks are even in the show, let a alone that they are a deciding factor for who goes home.

Fights start deciding who goes home in episode 3

" Yeah, but it doesn't appear that the fights are going to determine the eliminations which is total bullshit if they don't."

Yes, they do. From this point on, the only way to be eliminated is to lose your fight.

Honestly you had to give fights off the back.

week three should have started on week one (make sense?)
with that said i think it will pick up after this and i will watch

What is the point of RULES AND CONTRACTS if you are allowed to break them

Randy's choice = BULLSHIT!

I haven't seen the show yet. Sounds like I haven't missed much.

WoodenPupa, you are missing out dude. Usually there is only this much bickering after a UFC or Pride ppv. This is huge!

If I wanted to watch the real world/road rules challenge I would watch it by the people who do it best and that's MTV not the UFC. So far this show really sucks balls.

" try getting a regular person to sit through one hour of that..."

They must feel that a regular person doesn't want to see fights, otherwise there would have been an MMA fight show on tv by now.