No gi/ADCC

hey people, does anyone know of any upcoming no gi or ADCC comps this year or in the near future? the last one in Sydney was soooooo sweet!!! Can't wait for the next one!

sweet cos you almost killed a guy? stop looking for outlets for your hostilities...smoke some weed instead like any normal canberra person would (then watch some porn)

The next No Gi comps will be early next year. The ADCC trials and that Australian National Submission Championships.

Though there are some To Gi or Not To Gi events popping up all over the place. All the events that are around for the rest of this year are gi events.


That injury was in a Gi comp. Now what i'm talkin about is no gi, sweet sweet lycra! i'm sure you can relate........Cheers for the info Elvis, bummer about the wait though.

The best part about those comps are the blue/purple belt divisions joining...

mmmmm fighting purples...

How are you White Whale?


Are you sure ADCC is on next year?

The guys at domanance are training under the assumption that it will be on the last weekend of Novemeber or the first week of December.

The US trials have already been and the last Aussie trials were in Novemeber.

Any chance there the Melbourne boys are keeping secrets from us as to the real date? ;)


TTT for more info on dates.

I'm pretty sure they're early next year. Can someone confirm this though?


i'm sure i read that adcc trials on in the states at the momment doesnt mean to say they are on here.