no-gi finals on now!!!

 Do yourselves a favor and watch


 Hillary just won.


 who's competing?

 A rather large female HW just lost her top i think and I thought I saw a green thong

lol @ boob choke

Barnett is going to get ruined.

lovato v. braga neto on now

This is a good scrap.

Lets go Lovato!

RyannVonDoom - 
Jeff W - Barnett is going to get ruined.

 Just like he was supposed to the first bout?

I'm hoping!


Props to Williams and Flanery for doing a pretty damn good job. Not overly obnoxious, not playing favorites and obviously knowledgeable.

Good stuff.

Thanks to Chris Brennen for streaming this.

 Powder is doing good. they sound as calm as golf commentators.

Barnett wins

RyannVonDoom -  The announcers are horrible. Christ.

 they are waay better than the ones for adcc

the adcc guys were so bad that these guys seem awesome lol

I think barnett shouldn't have won

who's in the absolute?

the two seans sound like they belong on the og. going crazy over the ring girls.

when is the absolute?

Shawn and Sean did an awesome job