Do you think it's wise to use different open guards (butterfly, x etc.) in the no gi game? At top level it seems the majority of BJJ fighters are using the closed guard. I was thinking this is due to the fact that there are not so many sweeps and you don't have the same control as in the gi game.

mine is the shit for a white guy....

strickly no gi? not mma right?

for no gi submission grappling half guard is also very good, provided you have your underhook of course. a lot of guys now are pulling halfguard instead of guard.

Different guards are always good. Try them all and see what is good
for you. I prefer 1/2 butterfly because of sweep potential and being
able to do set ups to take the back! Just my preference though.

The major problem with the closed guard is that in order to get a
sweep or sub your guard has to be open for hip movement and
transitions. Even to get a triangle you still have to obtain a good pit
stop before transitioning in to it.

The way to insure good open work is by guaging and controlling your
opponent's head and arm(s)/hands. Prevent him from gaining posture.
On your back you have the advantage as you have 4 (hands and feet)
tools to work with, while your partner only has 2 (hands). Yes, he can
try to bring the knee through the middle to open the legs, but the
knees/legs are primarly used to keep balance and insure posture in the

Closed guard to me, is only good if you feel the guy is aggressively to
the point of passing your guard because you havent controlled his
hands. If I am tired I will use closed guard but in order to do anything,
you must uncross your legs. Plus, eventually, if you dont have good
head & arm/hand control, the opponent will eventually open your legs.

The main difference is your trapping techniques change with no gi,
because you dont have a collar and sleeve to control. I am sure you
guys already knew that.