No Gi Instructionals

Hey guys, what are some of the better No Gi Instructionals out there?

Looking for more on sweeps, passes and maybe half guard stuff.


I like Saulos no gi set, covers all the things you mentioned, with good details.

Paulo Guillabel has a nice set out, covers some open guard stuff from overhooks. It is done gi and no gi. Good set and a good price. I think I paid around 35 for it.

Baret Yoshida book + DVD $25

Eddie Bravo- Mastering the Rubber Guard book $20

Submission spirits magzine + DVD (sections include Eddie Bravo, Javier Vasquez) $20

Leo Viera no gi/gi seminar in Paradise DVD- the section with him and BJ Penn rolling no-gi is worth the $30

Marc Laimon's no-gi remix DVD $20

4 DVDs, a book, a magazine all for under $120

"I like Saulos no gi set, covers all the things you mentioned, with good details."

Is Saulo's no-gi set as good as his first gi set is supposed to be, in terms of taking relatively simple stuff but getting in depth on how to make sure it works?

Thanks guys, anymore?

I have the first Baret yoshida DVDs, liked them.

I never where a gi, so its tough when I watch instructionals where there is gi work even though it is still good stuff.

Another question, where do you guys buy these DVDs? From the persons website, or other websites?

Depends on the set. Budovideos is a great place to buy from, but you may want to buy from the seller if they have a site

Baret and Gullobel have great guard stuff....

Baret's single disc has some top stuff.

For passing Marcelo 3 and Saulo's No gi were pretty good.

Saulos No gi set isn-t as insightful as his first Gi set, but it is pretty thorough in it's explanations. It doesn't really cover the basics of leverage/position like the first one, but I still recommend it highly ( I forgot the Baret book/DVD great deal for 25 bucks; (you can get it at

Because of this thread, I went ahead and ordered Barat's book/DVD. Thanks for the suggestion guys.

i guess i can skip the baret dvd/book combo, he's my jiujitsu instructor.

or not, i guess its like having baret with you at home.

Kesting for sweeps and half guard

Hey question, on the Baret book and DVD combo, might be a silly question, but is the book in english?

I seen it on Budovideos or something and all the text on the front was in chinese or japanese.

The Baret book & DVD combo is in both English and Japanese.

I really like marcelo garcia's set and saulo's set.