No-Gi=less injuries???

There was a thread a while back talking about how some guys mentioned that when they trained no-gi they were less injury prone than with the gi or something to that effect.

I found it hard to believe on its face given the speed of no-gi but if someone could bump it or talk about their experiences in this matter it would be greatly appreciated.

no chance, no gi usually ends up with way more injuries as well as having sore necks from people pulling on the head all the time

i would say no gi= more injuries and i don't think it is because of the speed it is more of the sweat and people slipping on it.

Both are about the same.

Both of my knee surgeries were caused during no-gi training.

My knee injury and shoulder injury are from Gi, and I've spent 90% of the last 10 years without the gi.

From what I have seen,  no-gi leads to more injuries. 

no gi = less hand/finger injuries


no gi i= herpes risky

No-gi ruined my neck (bulging disc). No-gi also tends to be a little faster paced and accidental head knocking, or knees and elbows seems to occur more often.

Anytime you grapple you can and will at some time get hurt. I don't care if you were a tuxedo or a thong your going to break something.

nate787 - 
billcosbiguez - no gi = less hand/finger injuries

Went over a year training gi injury free and broke my hand the first month of no-gi.

the irony.

No Gi...2 hairline fractures in my neck...dislocated knee due to heel hooks...various elbows to the face etc.

Gi...dislocated fingers due to getting caught in the gi...thats about it. Oh, a pinched nerve in my shoulder/neck when I went for a clock choke as a purple belt and my partner tried to roll out of it.

Still train both :)
more gi than no gi though


When I was younger, I started BJJ with gi and pretty much was injury free til I quit.

A couple years ago, I started up again, but at a school that is mostly no-gi. I suffered injury after injury. Sprained elbow, sprained knee, sprained fingers. While I was recovering from the sprained knee, had a disc in my neck herniate (might be related/might not).

When I started back, I started doing mostly gi. For the most part, I've been injury free since.

No Gi leads to automatic knee injuries. Slipped disks and neck injuries from all the can openers are common.

For me the gi slows things down and I seem to get less injuries.

I can expertly show you how to get injured in both!

My track record speaks for itself! I have years of high level experience and the scars to prove it!


eljamaiquino - No Gi leads to automatic knee injuries. Slipped disks and neck injuries from all the can openers are common.
this is scientific fact.  hurt my mcl on thursday in no gi.


 How many of the injuries are actually caused by the gi or lack thereof?   Very few.  Injuries are caused by careless training partners.

The only two times I have been hurt was with strangers desperate to "win".

If you have control and feel there is no reason to hurt someone or to get hurt.

E.kaye, of course with our usual training partners, we know not to crank subs. But unless you are the instructor, it's considered in poor spirit to roll with the same guy(s) night after night. That new partner is usually where things start to go wrong...No-gi relies on much speed to finish the subs because of the lack of grips. The leg lock game is WAY different without the gi. With the gi, you have collars to use, so no real need for neck cranks. Without the gi, those neck cranks and can openers are often used for controlling, while the heel hooks come fast and furious from the lower belts.

At my school, the rule is straight leg locks at blue and above, while twisting locks at purple. Without the gi, it's open season for anyone to try. I've seen too many injuries caused by some guy who "saw this heel hook on the internet" to believe that no-gi doesn't have a certain type of injury that becomes endemic.