No-Gi ranking system

wasn't calling you names, just agreeing with you. Have a sense of humor, I mean geez wanna hug?
Actually I did call you a purist.
I think there are plenty of good grapplers who are non-gi. Thats what I am trying to say. I am only an advocate of no-gi systems who follow well developed system of moves, which borrow's heavily from JJ, Judo, and wrestling.
I am actually sick of these backyard/garage no gi guys claiming to have a system.
I think you are just jealous cause I got my screename before you did. LOL
(and to pre-empt your arguement, like many of the guys who have screenames that are as old as ours, I was here under a different name before the big move from old underground).

It's amazing how far BJJ and sub grappling has come in the past 10 years and seriously 95% of the people that are into it still have no idea what the hell theyre talking about

As far as bjj and judo, strictly speaking they are arts practiced in a gi with their given belt systems. You wouldn't say this guy has x number of years in greco-roman so he should be a judo brown belt.

NoGi is a new hybrid (judo, bjj, wrestling) and it's hard to say how it should equate to bjj. I think even Bravo said they are so different it's like two different sports.

I've seen some guys just about equal in both. But more often stick a gi on a no gi guy and he's going to get passed and choked alot. Conversely take the gi off some guys and the majority of their offense is gone, though they will find escapes and defense easier.

I did nogi for close to a year never put on the gi, when i started putting on the Gi, i hung with purples even tapped a few and was never finished by anyone under a purple level. I am not trying to boast here but it depends on what kind of game you play if you will transition well from one to the other.

I am a purple belt now and I love the gi, but it has its place as does nogi.

But in regards to your question nogi should not have belts, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert should work. If your tryin to make money though you better have some sort of ranking system or you wont make too much.

The Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Instructor, espescially in conjunction with the colored shirts is the best advice I've heard on the subject. It allows you to appeal to the public perception of the martial arts, while not copying traditional arts just for the sake of copying. Something about the idea of a Karate style belt on a no-gi outfit always felt really corny. This is a great standard. THANKS GUYS!!!!

What Dave said.

"In a sport like BJJ your level is best determined by your competitive level."

This is true. However, you now have Men, Women, and Mothers and Fathers enrolling their kids into BJJ programs all over the country because they see it as a "practical" self-defense. Not all of these students will (or even want to) compete. At the same time, I'm sure they would like some way to track their level of progression.

just STFU and put your jammies on fag

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I find no gi much easier than gi, and I've trained mostly in the gi.

The gi is like a donut on a baseball that when taken off makes you feel faster. Cardio is improved due to increased airflow. Escapes are easier, and techniques that were usually difficult to snag like guillotines, are much easier to get in no gi. So there are advantages for the gi player who has been handicapped early in his training, and been forced to develop other skills.

Attacks from the guard take the biggest hit, but many BJJ guys use the guard for reversals, or they fight from half-guard. So, this doesn't necessarily diminish the gi player as much. Under-hooks are used all the time in gi training. Gi players don't necessarily only grab the gi because it's there. Sometimes underhooks work better regardless of what you're wearing.


Agreed!!!   ^^ Damn good post!!^^