No Gi Tournaments????

Just moved to Australia, and I'm hoping to get active in grappling tourneys, aside from competing in mma.

Any organizations, promoters, web sites to check???

Any help would be appreciated.

Brian Ebersole

Anywhere in Australia? I know Luke Pezzutti (also promotes MMA in NSW) also runs no gi comps on a regular basis. Most No Gi comps from the BJJ circuits are held during summer. There is also a regular To Gi or Not To Gi comp held in Melbourne. Hopefully some of the people involved can jump on and give details. Not alot going on though.

All the best,

MG tournies are no gi in the spring and summer, and they are round robin format to insure multiple matches.


I just met luke pezzuti in Perth this past week. Will surely be in contact with him, as we had good talks and a few drinks.

Spring starts in Sept.??? Summer ends the year, right.

Seasons are backwards from the U.S.

Thank you Elvis, Rev. Much obliged.

Which part of Australia are you living in? You should come down to Tassie and teach us how to wrestle :)



Your fight against Jon Valuri last weekend was spectacular, the crowd loved it!!!

Jon is a tough guy, good win mate.


Brian is an amazing fighter, superb grappler & GREAT instructor. I would highly reccomend anyone that is keen to have him host a seminar to holla at him.

I am dying to see the fight, I heard he put on a great show for the fans.


Come to Queensland mate.....our winters are nice..tolerable!!!
Hey JUSTIN!! singing "whats the colour of a 2 cent piece copper ..copper " singing :D...nah serious, jokes aside mate, whats up with XFC? they still holding fights??

I moved to QLD originally, been here about 7 weeks.

Moving to Perth next week to coach mma at Ron Parr's gym. Should be a great endeavor. I hope to travel often, and teach plenty of folks how to "rassle".

geraldbb--thanks for the compliment. I had a great time with the crowd and the competition. Fun to entertain...Give me a hello if we're ever in the same room again.

I had planned a show for July 6 in Logan, my primary motivation was to allow Brian and a few others to fight. With brian now moiving to Perth he'll keep busy over there and also the guys that were hungry to fight can do so too.

I'm working 70+ hours a week with 3 babies and it's just too tough to do a show, just now.. but never say never.


I'll talk Justin into holding an XFC this summer. Probably from under his desk, as that's "proper motivation" in his mind.....

hey brian i'm from Perth when are u gettin here????

Ron Parr has a pretty awesome setup are u teaching there on a permanent basis????

Yes he is there permanently.


It'll be home for some time, yes...

I arrive on July 15th, and will be training on Monday.

Ron has a great setup and I look forward to calling it home.

Cool i enjoyed XFC show's in the past Justin.......babies?! Have fun mate...not ready here for that, struggling looking after myself :)