No Hitters in baseball due to cheating

There’s been a record breaking # of no hitters at this point in the season in all of baseball’s history.

If you wonder why hitters are having so much trouble hitting the ball, it’s due to a few factors-

#1-Cheating via illegal substances on the ball. The pitchers can easily manipulate the rules and wipe off evidence of cheating between any inning. (Watch the video to explain)

#2-The league has currently evolved into less emphasis on hitting for average, and instead hitting for the fences. Home runs are up, strike outs are up, averages are down

It also doesn’t help the league pretty much has given pitchers permission to use illegal substances.

And even listening to betters talk about it they say they don’t mind they feels it gives more control to these pitchers throwing 95-100mph.

With the emphasis on throwing hard and thinking they can teach these guys control after drafting this was bound to happen.

Then to top it off Trevor Bauer pretty much admitted to it last year and nothing was done. He said if everyone else is going to get away with it why not do it. And her had a career year.

Yeah it’s obvious what going on.


You put snot on the ball?


Was I wrong to be openly talking about what most people know? My bad.

MLB contracts are guaranteed money, what happens if you get caught? Do you just lose money for the games your suspended, or do you still get paid? Seems like there’s not much financial downside to cheating, but a lot of financial upside to it

If they actually get caught and major league baseball decides to suspend them for it and they do lose the money

I think that’s why so many people are so pissed off at the Astros players. They got caught, they pretty much admitted to cheating, and then They didn’t get any penalty for it. Monetarily or otherwise


i don’t watch baseball anymore, but that was a good vid.

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If they weren’t going to penalize the Astros players individually then they should’ve done something like prevented the Astros from qualifying for the playoffs for like three years or something

Who’s the guy that did it on LSD?

He should be in the hall.of fame just for that


Very good video, pretty sure Bauer is actually in the comments on youtube and doesn’t deny anything but calls the guy out for using copyrighted content haha.


Cristal, bardal…vagisil…

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Excellent vid. Seems like he was trying his best to fight against it & purposely showed everyone what was going on by doing it. Then eventually said fuck it.

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Pitchers have been doctoring balls forever. If anything MLB is “attempting” to police it more than they ever have before so not sure if foreign substances have played much of a factor in all the no-hitters.

The new baseballs this year could very well be making a difference though. Supposedly they’re only suppose to go 1 to 2 feet shorter on balls hit over 375 feet, but thats an impossible thing to truly determine.

What we know for sure is different about the balls is some of the seams are being wound with less tension this year, which slightly raises the seams resulting in more drag in flight. Raised seems is also a huuuge advantage for pitchers. You don’t need any stickum at all if you can easily grip the seams.

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Pitchers are definitely trying to take their heads off this year.

In for later.

Baseball has become really weird about this in the last 20 years… Winning isn’t what matters so much as entertaining. For a sports league that’s just strange.

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Analytics are to blame.

Analytics dorks are sucking everything that’s great about baseball out of the sport.

It’s actually becoming less exciting to watch.